Update: The Mike South Faux Pas; Looks Like the Palace Coup Failed

Who’s telling the truth in the Clover story? Rob Black today pointed out that no one is being square with the porn public if you start breaking down comments and timelines. Mike South is contradicting LATATA and LATATA is contradicting Clover.

But now we’ve got Diane Duke adding her two cents claiming that Clover must have been in a Range Rover because he doesn’t even know his own physical condition.

Duke this afternoon told both AVN and XBiz that Clover had tested negative for Syphilis. Whaaaa??? If that’s the case, someone should politely tap Clover on the shoulder and inform the young lad of his real condition lest he get unnecessary shots for Syphilis. Wait, isn’t that what Duke recommended when we had the Mr. Marcus scare?

In any event, Black said he’s talking to people in authority including council people and Cal/OSHA, and a day of reckoning for Mike South and Derek Hay [photo courtesy of Monica Foster] is surely coming.

What South and Derek Hay attempted this week was a palace coup d’etat, plain and simple. While Diane Duke was asleep at the wheel, which she often is, Hay and South constructed a blatant power grab using Clover as the sap, the sucker, the patsy, the fall guy. Clover in essence became South and Hay’s trick pony, and if I were him, I wouldn’t be too happy about the hoops I’m being told to jump through.

What’s troubling in this cockeyed scenario, which Black aptly calls The Truman Show, is where was Duke while Hay and South were off playing APHSS?

That alone should tell you something about her leadership. Either that, or the devil’s advocate argument might be that Duke was giving both these morons enough rope to hang themselves.

But in doing so, Duke makes comments that invite a wholesale investigation into the porn business and its practices. As Black kept pointing out in a latter segment of his show, how can Duke make comments that are diametrically opposed to Clover’s? Wasn’t Clover saying he was being told by Cutting Edge Testing that his tests were inconclusive?

“These sonsofbitches [Hay and South] are stealing your health,” said Black. If this is not a wake up call I don’t what is.

“Your lives are being gambled with and thrown away. They can’t tell you whether Clover is positive or negative or whether he’s taking medication. This entire thing stinks like shit, and when you have people surrounded by shit, they’re shit. This entire situation is a ball of shit. You have lie after lie after lie. Derek Hay and Mike South are gambling with your life.

“For someone who’s supposed to be a rocket scientist, the story they are putting out is that Clover and all of his tests kept coming up inconclusive,” said Black.

“But he might not have it after all.”

Which is exactly what Duke said minutes after Black made those comments.

Black also pointed out that it was South who first reported that Clover tested positive then changed his stance to a probably positive.

My question is all this, is, if Clover was being jacked around as his story indicates, with inconclusives and re-tests, why wasn’t he going to a bona fide medical clinic?

Ooops, that’s the other sensitive issue not being addressed here. Health insurance.

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