Update: Treasure Island Media Facing New Barebacking Complaints from AHF

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from www.ebar.com – A San Francisco-based porn company known for its barebacking videos is facing formal complaints that it’s endangering the health of its actors.

In complaints filed in February, AIDS Healthcare Foundation is asking a California safety agency to investigate Treasure Island Media Inc., headquartered at 351 Ninth Street.

As a visit to www.treasureislandmedia.com demonstrates, the company makes no secret that many of its videos show men having sex without condoms. AHF’s complaints refer to films such as Cheap Thrills, Vol. 1, Liam Cole’s Overload, and Cumsloppy Buttholes .

AHF, a Los Angeles-based nonprofit, says that TIM’s operations are “unsafe” and that the company “has allowed” and “may have encouraged” its workers “to engage in activities that are highly likely to spread blood borne pathogens in the workplace.”

AHF, which also provides services in San Francisco, was a backer of last year’s ballot initiative in Los Angeles that requires porn performers to wear condoms during filming. The measure passed last November with 56 percent of the vote.

Earlier this year Assemblyman Isadore Hall (D-Los Angeles) introduced legislation to require condom use in all adult films made in California. AHF is backing the bill, AB 332.

In two complaints, AHF says that the state Department of Industrial Relations Division of Occupational Safety and Health “may, and should require Treasure Island Media to take measures for the protection of employees, including the use of condoms … Exposures are continuous and ongoing.”

“Our hope is that Treasure Island starts acting like a good public citizen and starts providing a minimum standard of protection for people they use in their films,” Mark McGrath, AHF’s public health consultant, said in an interview Tuesday, March 5.

AHF has verbally amended its complaints to include TIM not having a current exposure control plan and not taking steps to develop one.

Peter Riley, a regional manager for Cal-OSHA, said he couldn’t confirm there’s an investigation, but noted TIM is currently appealing previous citations.

Paul Morris, the porn company’s founder and owner, didn’t respond directly to interview requests.

TIM spokesman Mitch Mason indicated the company wouldn’t answer the Bay Area Reporter’s questions unless the paper shared a copy of the story prior to publication, which the B.A.R. doesn’t do.

“Every time we have given a response to the [B.A.R. ] you have turned it around on us and used it against us,” Mason said.

Riley said the maximum penalty for a serious violation is $25,000.

During a typical investigation, when a formal complaint is filed, “a site visit is warranted,” and “we show up unannounced at the site and open an investigation,” Riley said.

An inspector typically explains the scope of the inspection and asks to see materials including health and safety records, an exposure control plan, and an injury and illness prevention program. An investigation also usually includes interviews with management and employees, and watching work being performed.

TIM’s previous citations included not having an exposure control plan and failing “to use condoms or engineering controls to address the hazard of blood borne pathogen exposure in the production of adult film,” Riley said.

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