UPDATE: Washed up gay prostitute Andrew Rivenburgh aka Lance Alexander arrested on Domestic Violence charges against a woman

The failed gay prostitute Andrew Rivenburgh who sucked dick, ate ass, and took it in the ass for years as Lance Alexander was arrested in AZ on charges of Disorderly Conduct- Fighting. It now turns out that it was Domestic Violence charges against his live in girlfriend. This professional dick sucker was lucky enough to get a girl to kiss him and instead of being grateful he beat her?

The state of Arizona pressed charges against Rivenburgh. According to the police report a neighbor called about “a female inside of the residence screaming and who was believed to be slammed against a wall.” when cops responded they found the female hiding in a bathroom crying. There were red marks observed on her face and neck. The case was brought to trial but was dismissed when his victim did not show up to testify. Looks like when Andrew Rivenburgh isn’t busy embarrassing his family sucking dick for a few dollars, he’s beating women.

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