Update: You Mean Shy Love’s Not Off to Israel with New Husband?

Posted earlier: The Grand Vizier calls to tell me that there’s a whole pack of trouble brewing at ATM. Shy Love has supposedly sold the company and is off to Israel with her new husband. The Vizier has been told by some of the ATM girls that there’s thousands of dollars unaccounted for.

Love calls and says none of this is true that she didn’t sell her company and hasn’t moved to Israel nor does she have plans to.

“This isn’t based on any truth or facts,” states Love. “I’m not moving to Israel. I’ve only sold a portion of ATM and I don’t owe any girl one dollar whatsoever. This can be verified with our accountants and new partners that our books were closed as of December 31st and every person has been paid out and there’s no monies due to anyone.

“And I still own ATM. There’s no girls asking where the money’s at. There’s no thousands of dollars unaccounted for.

“All of my books have been completely audited. Ninety-five percent of the girls get paid 90% of their money directly same day pay. So how is it I’m stealing money?”

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