Update- Bill Margold: “Everyone on the Free Speech Board Should Step Down Because They Lost Measure B”; Calls Board member Mark Kernes “Obsequious”

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Industry legend Bill Margold, www.billmargold.com was a guest on Rebecca Bardoux’s Internet show this past Friday night. It was Margold at a VSDA show many years ago who gave Bardoux her porn name.

“You told me at the time you better think long and hard about getting into this industry before you do it because it’s not what you think it is,” Bardoux recalled.

Bardoux, who had been out of the industry for a spell, will be inducted in 2013’s Legends of Erotica, January, in Las Vegas. Bardoux thanked Margold for the great honor.

Margold said he couldn’t see a reason why Bardoux won’t be inducted into the XRCO as well.

“Dirty Bob will see fit to have you go in.”

A thankful Bardoux said while she didn’t win any awards as far as AVN was concerned, the critics have nonetheless been kind to her.

“I appreciate that.”

Margold revealed that XRCO was created “in retaliation to AVN.”

“It was truth and honor for the entertainment of the public. With AVN I’ve always believed you can buy those awards. I don’t want to know about that.

“There was another organization called the Adult Film Association and you could definitely buy those because I bought my nomination; I bought my way into the finals and I was offered the award. I said this is ridiculous because I don’t do sex in this scene. So the hedgehog Ron Jeremy got the award that year.”

Margold also likes the fact that Bardoux has made her way back into the business with guns-a-blazing.

“You’ve become an activist, and there’s not many of those particularly the females in the business who live under the thumb of the industry,” pronounced Margold.

In some circles Bardoux is considered the “pioneer” of the No on Measure B movement.

“You’re now a journalist; you have your site and you have your show,” Margold noted.

Bardoux said she tried to have a regular life with a house and regular job, but was outed a la Stacey Halas.

“I was not fired but I was pretty much harassed until I left a job. The reason why I had to leave is because someone wrote a letter and said I used to be a porn star. It was an anonymous letter.”

Bardoux said the bottom line is that someone hiring for a company won’t hire you if they recognize you from a double-anal.

“Even if you are qualified.”

On the question of who’s a legend and who isn’t in the business, Margold says the criteria is at least ten years in the industry and the taint on male performers nowadays in “corking the bat” [i.e. shooting up or taking Viagra].

“The modern generation of men I don’t think measure up and that is reprehensible.”

Bardoux agrees.

“If you have to take dick pills you shouldn’t be in the industry. That’s my opinion.”

Margold remembers how Bardoux after one of the FOXE awards at the Mayan, “in blasé fashion,” walked out on Hill Street and slammed her tits into the side window of a cop car. Bardoux also remembered that picture being in LA Weekly.

“I never knew that was the reason why we weren’t allowed back there,” Bardoux laughed.

According to Margold, events like the FOXE awards displayed how the fans were appreciated by the performers. Not so the industry in general.

In their colorful chat that went on for 90 minutes, Margold explained that there are organizations within the business [namely the Free Speech Coalition] who don’t even like the performers and their fans.

“I speak from the experience of listening to them say that in many board meetings during my days with the FSC,” said Margold.

“I remember moments when we had Night with the Stars. One board member said, ‘Why do the performers have to show up?’ I started laughing. Without them there’s no economic stability. Tragically the establishment has even more a loathing for the fans who they want nothing to do with.”

Margold observed that Bardoux has been, for good or bad, celebrated lately on AdultFYI.com

“I’ve been the star of Gene Ross’ column for a few weeks now,” replied Bardoux.

“Some of it’s not accurate, that’s what’s wrong with it.”

Margold reminded Bardoux that any attention is better than none.

“Gene Ross, we’re friends now. There was a time when we weren’t. We have mutual affections for motion pictures, for sports and for things men talk about including relationships. Because both of us have had our hearts broken within this industry.”

Bardoux said she’s been advised not to pay attention to what’s being written about you.

Bardoux claims I called her an old, has-been porn star. I defy her to find that quote. For one thing, I pride myself on being way more clever with the English language than that. Now, I may have compared her to Gloria Swanson in Sunset Boulevard…

“That’s something that should not come out of anyone’s mouth in this industry to someone else,” Bardoux continued.

Margold suspected I was trying to get her goat.

“Gene, like every other journalist in this business, feeds off the frenzy that he creates. That’s the nature of Gene. I’ve learned this a long, long time ago. Now the first site I go to in the morning is Gene Ross.

Margold said one of my best friends in the business is Steve Nelson. Margold advised Nelson that if he didn’t like pugnacious sites he should do one himself that wouldn’t create controversy.

“Steve is a nice cotton ball journalist. But Ross throws rocks.”

Perhaps contradicting herself, Bardoux said it didn’t make sense because when she got back into the business, I praised her and now am taking pot shots at her. Then she paraphrased another article I know I never wrote.

“Then earlier this year he gave me kudos for how my interview was with Michael Weinstein,” Bardoux went on to say.

“But all of a sudden for him to turn around and to make comments and some of which aren’t even true….”

Margold suggested to come up with a shopping list of grievances and to air them out.

“Remember, Gene does tape all of his conversations,” warned Margold.

“I know that,” replied Bardoux.

“I trust Gene implicitly,” added Margold.

“I know if he finds somebody he can get upset he’ll keep going after them. He’ll find their weak point, and Gene’s a very good writer. He’s a lot of fun to read. He’s very bright and he has a great sarcastic humor about him, but he’s also lived a long enough life in this business to know who he can really have fun with who won’t take it that personally. You’re playing with the big boys when you start getting involved with someone like Gene Ross.”

“Somebody else like Cindy Loftus and that stupid piece of shit site LukeisBack, that’s a site I refer to as a monkey cage,” Margold continued.

“She lets all her contributors throw feces at each other. If you ever read that site, by the time you’re done, you need to take a shower.”

Bardoux then brought up The Grand Vizier.

“Who the hell is that?” she asked.

Margold suggested it was my alter ego. In fact, it’s not. The Vizier is a legitimate informant.

Describing the current state of the industry, Margold added, “We’re on the Titanic. We don’t understand the iceberg is only getting bigger and bigger. Part of the iceberg is the frosty relationship between the establishment and people in the business. And that bothers me because it’s not the industry I came into 40 years ago. It’s not the same kind of familial persona.”

Margold also mentioned that Amber Lynn was running for a spot on the Free Speech board, that the organization needed someone with balls and Lynn was perfect.

“We need a woman in there, especially someone like her,” Bardoux chimed in.

“We need a woman who has bigger balls than most of the people on that board,” added Margold.

Margold opined that “Free Speech” isn’t as free as you’d think.

“I was with them from 1988 on. I became a board member, created all of their product and made them a lot of money. Finally, in 2003 they said I had to leave because I was telling the truth. I always remember the way it was put to me.

“Kat Sunlove who I have absolutely no use for- miserable avaricious bovine- was our pseudo director at the time. She said that they would get $100K in donations if I would step down from the board. I’ll happily resign. They didn’t get a penny.”

Margold said he thought about running again but realizes that Free Speech is too caught up with themselves.

“They’re self-important.”

Margold feels that anyone currently on the board should step down because they lost Measure B.

“Everyone on that board should fall on their sword and let a whole new board come into existence. There’s nothing I can do about Diane Duke. She’s a stranger in a strange land. She doesn’t really understand this business.

“But if you have good people on the board you can control the executive director. Right now you have a board that can be spelled
b-o-r-e-d. The ones that are incumbents, if they’re smart, should get out while the getting is good.”

Margold also believes, as I, that Measure B is not a First Amendment issue.

“It deals with health. When the health dept. tells you to do something you goddamn do it.”

Margold referred to a meeting a couple of years ago when he was ready to strike a deal with Cal/OSHA that would have gotten them off the industry’s back.

“I remember that pompous ass Mark Kernes turned around, and, as repellant as he is, snarled at me, “Shut up.”

“He and I have been at odds for a long, long time. The man’s obsequious and he has nowhere else to go so he’s been hiding behind the skirts of Free Speech since it came into existence.”

Bardoux remembers that when she got into the business Free Speech was “so respected.”

“It was important. It was the industry’s protection. They used to have those wonderful Nights of the Stars. Somewhere along the way all of that got lost and forgotten.”

“We lost the great leaders,” said Margold.

“People died. The legendary people who made this business- Lenny Friedlander’s dead; Perry Ross is dead, Henri Pachard- they were early founders of what was known then as the Adult Video Association which was sort of brutalized out of existence by something called the Free Speech Legal Defense Fund which absolutely meant nothing.

“Then I remember the day- they thought it was brilliant- we’re now going to be the Free Speech Coalition. I said what is that? That’s an amorphous name.”

Margold remembers making board members so mad they’d storm out of a room. Lenny Friedlander on one occasion said he wished he had a baseball bat so he could take it to Margold.

“Those were the kinds of meetings we had.”

Margold believes there needs to be a cleansing of the board and will work to get Amber Lynn elected to it.

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