Update:The Media Won’t Leave Harmony Rose Alone

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from www.wdbj7.com – ROANOKE CO., Va.— An ex-porn star is starting her life over on a local rescue squad.

It’s generating plenty of controversy, but county leaders aren’t happy about it and can’t do much about it.

Harmony Rose is a volunteer at the Cave Spring Rescue Squad.

The 29-year-old apparently left the porn industry within the last two years and is now an EMT with the Cave Spring Rescue Squad.

A source tells WDBJ7 she passed a criminal background check and has been working at the squad for the last several months.

The squad’s chief wouldn’t discuss Rose’s previous career.

Chief Laura Alexander says Rose is currently on a six month probation period; that is standard for new volunteers.

Rose’s previous career prompted Roanoke County Fire Chief Rick Burch to recently seek legal advice from the county attorney.

In a letter obtained by WDBJ7, County Attorney Paul Mahoney points out Roanoke County doesn’t have much power when it comes to volunteer rescue squads.

The letter states “it has been the practice of Roanoke County not to interfere in the internal membership decisions of volunteer rescue squads like Cave Spring. These decisions are left to the volunteers.”

But the letter points out safety personnel are held to a higher standard than other employees. “They must exhibit the highest degree of trustworthiness and public esteem since they will be dealing with citizens when they are most vulnerable, or entering citizens’ homes and businesses under emergency circumstances.”

“Anything that results in public ridicule of volunteer squads, departments, or the County must be avoided.”

Roanoke County Attorney Paul Mahoney also points out rescue squads tend to have volunteer trainees as young as 16 and 17 years old.

The letter asks “will parents be unwilling to allow their minor children to participate under these circumstances? Will this harm future volunteer recruitment?”

The last line of the letter says “it is my recommendation that you support the decision of the volunteer chief if she decides to terminate the membership of this individual.

Chief Laura Alexander says as of this week, Rose is working at the rescue squad.

After her six month probation period, the squad’s members will vote and decide whether Rose becomes a permanent member.

WDBJ7 reached out to Rose through Chief Alexander.

Rose hasn’t contacted us.

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