Valkyria Studios Replies to Kelly Moon

Kelly Moon sent the following e-mail earlier regarding Valkyria Studios.

They reply: As if we have nothing to do, other than to respond to non-sense gossip. I guess Kelly needs this, so this is in response to Kelly Moon’s gossip about Valkyria Studios.

None of our models have ever complained of anything improper … during auditions or during shoots, and they are VERY HAPPY with our efforts.

Yes, we do conduct auditions … I can’t tell you how many times I have had a guy come in to shoot, and he couldn’t get it up … or for that matter a girl was straight up lousy when it came to performing. So we adopted the policy of AUDITIONING EVERYONE. Does it take two hours … not usually … sometimes they can’t get it up and off in that time. But we give everybody that chance.

Hell Kelly even stated that she knows of companies who want to see the girls naked and take pictures. That’s called an Audition. And they will likely make them perform.

If they don’t, then that’s their choice. We are not a million-dollar a year company in the Valley who can afford to throw money out the window with no ROI. We get tired of paying everyone to get into place for a shoot, only to not be able to use the content because the models can’t perform … a guy claims he’s 12 inches and gets hard as a rock, a girl claims her body is hard as a rock and squirts 12 inches … when neither is the case.

Companies we shoot for even require to see the models’ pics and they want to see them in action.

So either we don’t do auditions and therefore get no work, … or we do auditions and weed out those who don’t belong in this Industry and only provide quality models for our customers.

As far as our Contact Page. What do you want to see? Yes, it goes to one of our Email Address’ … so what! So does AdultFYI’s Contact Page, so what! Do you need to see a page that has the email address on it? Yes, we could put our phone numbers on it … what for? So we can hire yet another employee to answer phones, only to end up corresponding by email anyway?

We use emails first, for those serious inquiries we then go to phone contact. Again, it’s part of the weeding out process. There are plenty of articles on the web that talk about the need for this in the Industry.

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