Vanessa Hudgens Sues Website Over Nude Pics

from – Vanessa Hudgens is determined to teach a website an elementary lesson — nude self portraits are meant for self, not others.

Vanessa is suing the owners of, claiming the website posted and refused to take down nude, “self portrait photographs” taken in a private home. The photos were taken on a cell phone. The suit doesn’t mention the photos show Vanessa naked, but the pics on the site tell the story.

As for how the photos got out, the lawsuit explains, “The photos were obtained by unknown methods and posted on the internet by an unknown person without Hudgens’ knowledge or consent.”

Interestingly, Vanessa registered the nude photos with the U.S. Copyright Office.

Vanessa’s lawyers cried copyright violation but Butter Media, the company that owns the website, was unmoved.

So Vanessa has filed a federal lawsuit and is asking the judge for an injunction, ordering the site to take the photos down. She also wants damages.

from -The big scandal of the day that’s been burning up every gossip blog’s traffic stats has been this naked picture of Vanessa Hudgens. At first the question as whether it was really her sexy barely legal naked body or just some awesome Photoshop work. Yes, there’s been a press release saying that this is a personal matter blah blah blah so the real question now is who “leaked” the photo?

Was it Zac… because he knows Vanessa’s dick-whipped and won’t leave him so he wants to show-off what he’s hitting? Was it Ashley Tisdale… because maybe the feud between Sharpay and Gabriella is more than just on screen? Or was it Vanessa herself… because right now she’s seen strictly as Gabriella Montez, the cute, sweet, and innocent girl so to break that mode she needs to have some type of scandal, right?

I say it was Vanessa even though the Ashley Tisdale angle would be awesome. Let’s face it, Vanessa is pretty hot and barely legal but a product of Disney. Therefore you won’t see her doing many suggestive photoshoot or magazine covers and that’s the type of exposure a young starlet desires to make it in the industry. Vanessa probably sees the success and popularity of another barely legal chick like Hayden Panettiere who’s not a product of Disney and decides she needs to somehow break the mold and get into the same realm of exposure.

Without directly pissing-off Disney, claim that someone else leaked a nude photo so that Vanessa looks like the victim while she’s the queen pin herself! Genius, Vanessa! So when’s the sextape we’re predicting coming out? Makes all the bikini photos from Hawaii seem like child’s play. I want to see more!!!!

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