VCX Tops Santa’s Naughtiest List With These Cal Vista Classics:

Las Vegas, NV—VCX tops Santa’s Naughtiest List with DVD release of their devilish Cal Vista Classics: Flipside, Girl Service, Two-Way Mirror and Melanie’s Hot Line.

These sex-saturated films have captured Santa’s attention, offering the most decadent, seductive and scorching-hot sex. Flipside is a backdoor lovers dream, as Robb learns what the “Flipside” of life is like with Fanny’s backside. Girl Service was shot in the darkly sexual 70’s, presenting an intense erotic thriller exposing the relationship between pimps and whores.

Two-Way Mirror and Melanie’s Hot Line delve into two young couples sexual discoveries. Both are led to a swinger’s lifestyle, one through bedrooms with a two-way mirror and the other lured by indecent phone calls promising pleasure. Cal Vista Classics continues to deliver the hottest vintage porn just in time for some cold winter nights. VCX releases Flipside, Girl Service, Two-Way Mirror and Melanie’s Hot Line December 8th, to place an order contact [email protected]

“Winter is upon us and what better time to escape into some very hot classic porn that’s so naughty it’s made Santa’s list. If you love a strong storyline and plenty of steamy sex with classic beauties then these are the Cal Vista Classics to choose,” says VCX C.E.O., David Sutton.

Santa’s Naughtiest List:

Flipside: Robb envies Alan’s luck with women. From the time a beauty in Manhattan picked him up and they made a spectacle in public to the office romp with Fanny’s fanny. Now Robb’s due to be the lucky one, consoled with Miss Lotta (triple-D) Topp’s and a crack at Fanny’s inviting flipside. Starring: Josey Duval, Tasha Voux, Millie Sutton, Lotta Topp, Diane Balsam, Patrice Trudiean, Jeremy Kane and Johnny Nineteen.

Girl Service: Welcome to the dark and disturbing world of Girl Service. An intense erotic thriller shot in 1970’s San Francisco. Take a poignant look at the disturbing relationship between pimp, Mr. Carson, and his whores, who are not as helpless as one believes. These whores aren’t victims; they just cut the bullshit. It’s cash and dirty sex. If you like it rough, nasty and to the point this will satisfy your tastes. Girl Service was film when making pornography was illegal. Many of the performers remain anonymous. Starring: Caro Keff, Rod Tuiet.

Two-Way Mirror: For those that like to watch… Let’s take a peek at what happens when a married French couple inherits keys to their own private love dens. As their separate sexual scandals heighten the two-way mirror between their rooms shows their indiscretions. The mirrors discovery turns to sexual heat, now they can watch and share even more! Staring: Minnie Clayton, Blaire Jefferson, Shira Goodlow and Candice Lipton.

Melanie’s Hot Line: An obscene phone call lures a young couple into a world of bizarre sex sparked by the voices on the other end of the line. As the phone calls increase so does the pain, pleasure and perversion. Ultimately they find themselves enmeshed in an underground swingers club. Starring: Angela, Margaret McCallum, Theodore Von Unkl, Pharaoh Amos and Harold Black.

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