Verne Gagne’s Granddaughter Gail In Court For Alleged Sex With Student- Will Plead Not Guilty

from A former worker at Cretin Derham Hall was in court Wednesday on charges she had a sexual relationship with a student.

Gail Gagne used to work in the weight room at Cretin Derham Hall, a school in St. Paul.

According to court papers, a 17-year-old student said the two had sex at Gagne’s dad’s house in Bloomington and in a hotel in Bloomington.

Gagne is the daughter of former professional wrestler Greg Gagne, and granddaughter of famous Twin Cities wrestler Verne Gagne.

Gagne’s attorney, Earl Gray, asked the judge to continue the hearing at a later time so he could have a chance to go through the evidence. Gray said there’s a lot of information he needs to look at.

Following the request, the judge scheduled Gagne’s next hearing for Feb. 1.

Gray wouldn’t allow Gagne to talk about the charges and made no comment about the allegations. He did say that she will be pleading not guilty.

There’s been talk that Gagne is living and working in Chicago, but Gray also wouldn’t comment on what she is doing right now.

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