Veronica Avluv: “I butter my asshole with coconut oil”

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XRCO Milf of the Year, Veronica Avluv was a guest on Amber Lynn’s Internet show Friday night.

“I was so excited for her [winning the award] I almost wet my pants,” said Lynn “She does some amazing stuff on film.”

Lynn explained how she saw Avluv at XRCO and felt she was a winner.

“We didn’t have awards in the beginning, and AVN grew up. It was important for people to be acknowledged for their body of work. We in the industry want to be appreciated for the hard work we do- the physical demands that are on us and our bodies. Our financial reward, though, is no where close to mainstream performers like Tom Cruise. ‘If you are in the closet and no one’s saying you are…’

Lynn said she’s always trolling for scenes and was looking at some projects. Mia Gold at a party told her about Air Tight [a scene where all holes are filled].

“I was the first girl, I think, that ever shot double vaginal penetration. Lynn said she then found a scene Avluv had done for Brazzers in a locker room with five hot guys. “And you take them apart.”

Avluv mentioned that she lost her husband three months ago.

“You have to keep moving forward,” she said philosophically. Avluv explained that she’s very active on Twitter and very personable with her fans. “That’s my award right there.” Even with that, she concedes that someone will make hurtful or thoughtless remarks.

“You know you’ve arrived in the industry when you have haters,” said Lynn. “And they say the most awful things.”

Lynn felt Avluv brought a special intensity to her scenes. Avluv explained that he’s bisexual but loves doing scenes with multiple men.

“Lots and lots of cock. I get in the middle of that and lose my mind.”

When she was shooting a gangbang for Zero Tolerance a real gardener was looking through the window but she didn’t mind because those kinds of scenes take her over the edge.

“When I walk on the set, there’s a sexual charge that goes up 125 million notches.”

“This is something where we’re consenting adults in a contained environment,” Lynn explained.

“You’re like an action hero.”

Avluv said the gardener just watched until his boss came for him to whack some weeds. Before porn, Avluv noted she never did half the stuff she’s doing on screen in her personal life.

“But I wouldn’t want to meet a bunch of guys in a bar. I’d be worried for my life.”

Noting that she’s done double anal, Avluv explained, “I developed strong fecal muscles in preparation for natural child birth. I can stretch pretty far anally. If they weren’t toned I’d be more prone to tears. I’ve been fortunate. I haven’t had those incidents, but I’ve heard of them.”

Lynn explained how her first double vaginal was going to be a DP, but the actor slipped.

“It was really good. It was so exhilarating to be in the moment. In a controlled environment, you don’t feel violated, you feel safe and you can let yourself expand,” said Lynn.

For her part Avluv says she’s always been a sexual person.

“Friends say I’m a force to be reckoned with. There is a world out there where people trust each other very well, and they do play these games. I love gangbangs, but I don’t go in for these gangbang rape fantasies. I’m not into the humiliation. I get drunk off of cock.

“I’ll roll my eyes at some scenarios because I would never walk into that kind of thing. Some women have that role play rape humiliation, but I would never recommend going into a dangerous situation because anything can happen. You need to prepare yourself for these types of sex acts. They are intense. I prep pretty well for anal. I go to bed early, I eat right, I sleep right, “I butter my asshole with coconut oil.”

Avluv says she’s got a whole system down in preparation for anal. Lynn also advised her listeners not to go ass-to-pussy without cleaning the penis.

“You just can’t pull a penis out of an ass and shove it into your pussy, else you’re going to wind up the next day with a giant puffed out vaginal infection.”

Avluv explained that she makes these home made suppositories with coconut oil, a little bit of Boric acid along with pro biotics. There was a couple other ingredients she mentioned which you mix into a tea.

“I put that coconut oil mixture with all of those things into the fingers of these latex gloves- the kind you get from the hairdressers without the powder. I stick them in the freezer and that way the coconut oil solidifies, and it’s like a little vaginal suppository.

“As soon as I get home, I put a suppository up in my vagina and it totally takes care of things; and also the day before [anal sex], I take some herbs that have Golden Seal in them. For me when I end up doing anal it goes everywhere. Anal is etched in my mind as a dirty act, such a naughty thing to do.

“Sex is such a mental thing. You can do all the robotics and not get to that orgasmic state if your mind’s not connected to what you’re doing. When I started doing boy-girl I asked the guys repeatedly is there anything in particular you need me to do.

“What surprised me then, but doesn’t surprise me now, they’d say look me in the eyes. I need you to look at me. That’s going to allow me to connect and that’s going to keep me turned on. Now I realize, of course, that sex is is not a friction of body parts rubbing together, it’s a mental place you go to.”

Lynn said she needs to have a connection to the male talent she’s working with, and that’s why she likes Manuel Ferrara so much.

“He connects to you. It’s right there in the scene. He’s present to what’s happening and both of you are in it to take it over the top and make it the best scene we can possibly shoot and break boundaries.”

But Lynn said it infuriates her to hear the critics of porn making negative and derogatory comments about the business.

“They don’t stop to realize there’s a methodology to creating porn.”

Avluv explains that she shoots every 14 days because she works so much.

“Who in the general population does that? Before porn I was a wild little thing. Thank God I didn’t wind up with anything.”

Avluv was particularly critical with the way the Measure B movement was organized with sexual imagery, and Tera Patrick’s tits peaking out of her blouse on Hollywood Boulvead.

“I was quite disturbed when the vote went down how our side marketed the rally. People, tourists, instead of saying to the public this is taxpayers waste. Let’s hit them in their pocket book.”

Lynn said she didn’t care if the industry were using condoms or not.

“I am pro-choice.” Lynn also doesn’t appreciate somebody who has no idea of determining how to make performers safe, dictating policy to them.

“They’re so terrified of us to begin with because we have sex on film. They’re freaked out and disgusted at the same time where they don’t have clear thinking about it. We’re not being represented fairly on our end because we’re being lumped into an industry, on one side, that’s higher risk.

Avluv said from she’s noticed, there’s an extreme lack of ability for all facets to join forces on the issue.

“We are a small industry and there’s cliques,” Lynn added.

“The thing of it is, we’re divided. We saw that day when the industry became legal. We had no choice but to be unified. But the truth of the matter, as Bill Margold reminds me, there is a common welfare at stake than your own personal designs about getting things your way.

“That is the attitude for what’s going on today. If we can get off it and unify. There are enough people so bright and so tenacious, I know the answer is among us. Now we just need to communicate and come up with it.

“We’ve come so far and we’ve got so far to go.”

“I don’t know how it’s done,” replied Avluv.

“But we need to get in sync on this one level; if people could put their stuff aside and go, hey, this is one issue we can all hold our hands on, we can stand up and make an intelligent statement to the public. Let’s not talk about blowjobs and hazmat suits and look at the bottoms of Tera Patrick’s amazingly astounding tits.”

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