Veronica Avluv’s Attorney Came Down on My Ass Hard? Says Mike South

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I took no postings down about Veronica Avluv. Actually, a hacker or hackers went into my site yesterday and yanked all of my top stories including my posting about Avluv. Hmmm.

You wonder how that’s happening especially when Rob Black has been breathing heavily down Mike South’s neck, calling him a fraud and a shill.

Here’s what happened on the Avluv front. Her attorney is James R. Felton. Felton and I have been very cordial. Felton wrote me explaining- simply- that Avluv although she worked with Clover, had not worked with him in the time frame a Twitter account would have lead you to believe. Simple as that. Avluv, according to Felton, worked with Clover May 3 in a scene for MILFS Love It Harder – Scene 3.

“The scene was released on July 21 and obviously could not have been shot on or after July 28,” states Felton.

Felton further says: “She has been routinely tested since early May (in fact she has been tested for years) and has performed in numerous scenes since early May with testing under flying colors.

“She has no axe to grind with Clover whom she describes as a nice young kid. With that said, your article and its implications are deeply hurtful to her and could seriously jeopardize what she has accomplished and will be accomplishing in the future.

“I would ask that re-check your facts and confirm that in fact Veronica has not worked with him since May 3 and that she has passed numerous tests since that time. I am her advocate and I am sure that you can appreciate that it is my job to protect her interests.”

Well, my facts, as I stated, are nothing but a Twitter time line to go by and the fact is Avluv did work with Clover, though not in the sensitive July 2nd to August 2nd window.

Adds Felton: “I do appreciate how the twitter feed may distort reality. With that said, if you care for Veronica and the business, you will correct the error so that she is not negatively affected by the incorrect information.”

James R. is okay in my book.

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