Very BAD Lawyer Melissa P Sanford Attorney 101 Devant Street Suite 801 Fayetteville, GA 30214 Phone: 770-835-4880 Fax: 770-719-3354 Email: [email protected]

This lawyer has to be one dumb fucking whore it seems. Two reasons why here. One she thinks she can go after a ghost overseas and sue him in the first place but to take it further her not knowing you cant sue someone you cant find in person and paper server that lives overseas. Its been tried many times and not worked. Two you cant sue a site owner for user submitted content like this very post right here. You cant sue twitter or Facebook for a user libeling you. You must have the court demand the site owner remove it first and then if its not taken down then you can try and find the owner to paper server them. This women must plug that hole between her legs that her brains are leaking out of fast as she is just as dumb as her buddy homosexual pedophiles at Kiwifags. ahahahhaa.

Let say she could sue and win which she cant, the person can just make 100 more sites about her and laugh about it all or have a friend do it. This dumb fuck will never win and only just kicked herself.

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  1. I believe this lawsuit by Melissa Potter Sanford will backfire and result in the allegations against her being much more widely promulgated by victims of her nephew Joshua Conner Moon.

    The smart course of action for Melissa Potter Sanford to have taken would be for her to represent victims of her nephew Joshua Moon on a free pro bono basis. I’m sure this would have resulted in her being praised by victims of her nephew Josh Moon and would have resulted in libel about her being removed from the web.

    Joshua Moon is really a fool for causing so much trouble for his family and relatives who are getting a taste of his medicine for other innocent people. Joshua Moon thinks it’s wrong to target his family and relatives because of their innocence, but all of his victims are innocent too and he and Matthew Craig and other kiwi farmers target their families and relatives too.

    Someone should recommend to Melissa Potter Sanford that she change course and represent some victims of her nephew Joshua Conner Moon on a free pro bono basis instead of suing one of the heroes fighting against Joshua Moon.

    Also, why doesn’t Melissa Potter Sanford and her husband if she has one get their hands on Joshua Moon and force him to take down his site instead of suing one of the victims of Joshua Conner Moon? The administrator of has offered to take down his or her site if Joshua Moon removes his site and turns over his donor list.

    I’m sure that if Melissa Potter Sanford joins the fight against her nephew Joshua Conner Moon by utilizing her legal skills against him, then she will be a hero to the victims of Joshua Moon and the libel against her will be immediately deleted.

    How much of a role did Melissa Potter Sanford play in the upbringing of Joshua Conner Moon? If she played a large role, then does she have any responsibility for Joshua Moon’s behavior? If she played no role or a small role, then is she to blame for not taking a larger interest in her nephew Josh Moon’s upbringing?

    How does Melissa Potter Sanford feel about what her nephew Joshua Conner Moon is doing?

    Can’t Melissa Potter Sanford see that is the inevitable result of Joshua Moon’s cyberbullying? In today’s society, do families and extended families not accept any blame for the behavior of their family members, which is usually caused by a bad upbringing in my opinion?

    I heard is hosted in a country that doesn’t respect American court orders, so how is she even going to get the libel taken down? Joshua Moon has caused the reputation of his entire extended family to be destroyed. What a fool.

    I’d like to hear Melissa Sanford’s responses to the questions I’ve raised above. I’d like to see her respond on here.

  2. What’s to stop the over 1500 victims of kiwi farms from going to a wi-fi connection, using a throwaway email address, and posting the libel against Melissa Sanford on sites such as WordPress, Tumblr, Blogspot, Pastebin, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc?

  3. Counsellor Melissa Sanford aka Melissa Jean Potter Sanford has a really ugly face in my opinion. I get the creeps by looking at Melissa Sanford’s face.

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