Victoria Mayers gets raped because of her piece of shit sister Alexandra Melody Mayers

Well for over 7 years now Alexandra Melody Mayers just cant shut the fuck up and keeps kicking the bull which kicks herself and her family over and over and over. Alexandra Melody Mayers caused her mother to lose her teaching job at Quiet Waters Elementary School, her homosexual father to be exposed and lose his job, her sister to become a internet punch line and her and the whole family to get .com’s and and



Well now to top it off she has caused her sister to get raped! In a recent blog post where she libels and harasses countless porn industry and non porn industry people with lies and bullshit yet again she post

“that has been the biggest tragedy in regards to the attacks on my immediate family, has to do with a rape my sister endured not too long ago.  The man who assaulted her went to jail and my sister is OK. However, though I can’t prove it, I believe that her rapist read things about me online and false things about her, and reached the conclusion that he thought that it would be perfectly acceptable to rape her.

I will never forgive myself for what’s happened to my sister.  I know it’s not my fault, but I feel if I didn’t exist it never would have happened.”

and then the very next line goes on to harasses and libel more people the very thing that got your sister raped!!!!! How stupid can this whore be?

You know what though? Being that her sister is also a drunken criminal piece of child rapist shit that we all have to pay for, that refuses to get off food stamps and welfare and get a job, who the fuck cares! The whole Mayers family are nothing more than garbage, between her faggot father Ivan to her drunken trash failure sister.

Here is Victoria being laughed off the stage as she fails like her sister!




  1. This is nonsense. Her sister has been busted many times for DUI and has the mugshots that prove it. She is an alcoholic. She was probably wandering around drunk or drugged and some pervert raped her. It has nothing to do with anyone that has written things about her online.

  2. So Foster lied about being raped herself and now she’s lying about her sister being raped and it’s our fault? Foster, I know that you’re reading this, make sure you provide a police report and other legal documents to help prove that your sister got raped. Of you won’t because you can’t.

  3. Why would u broadcast online that this happened to your sister? She’s a drunk 2x dui criminal but now if some1 googles her they also know she was attacked and might attack again. Smart move dumpster

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