Victoria Violet Mayers Once Again Popped For DUI

This happened a few months ago but it was during the year 2016 so we feel compelled to report it. If you remember from the wildly popular Monica Foster Porn Wiki Leaks Wiki page, Alexandra Melody Mayers‘ sister Victoria Violet Mayers has been getting arrested for many years and she still hasn’t gotten it together yet. This particular arrest happened in May of this year.


The charges are listed as DUI ALCOHOL OR DRUGS 2ND OFFENSE and DISOBEY/AVOID TRAFFIC DEVICE and the bond was set at $1,000.00. 

Her young son must be around 10 or 11 by now and his mother and aunt are setting a terrible example for him. In a few years when he begins Googling porn images, he will be horrified when he pulls up pictures of his aunt Alexandra and that, along with the mugshots of his mother splattered all over the net, information about his homosexual grandfather plastered everywhere on the net will set him up to be one more troubled black youth from a broken home.

One can only hope that Joan Rucker Mayers, retired educator, is a part of this young man’s life which would offset all other other terrible role models in his life.

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