Victoria Violet Mayers Will Eventually Kill An Innocent Person While Driving Drunk!

Florida Dirtbag Victoria Violet Mayers, driven to drink because her father came out as a homosexual when she was 10 years old and because her boyfriend knocked her up and left her as a single mother, has been arrested for driving drunk several times and as recent as this past spring. It is only a matter of time until this woman kills someone. Her lowlife sister Alexandra Mayers Monica Foster thinks it’s “no big deal.”


Vicky was first brought to our attention many years ago when she was outed as the sister of Foster and her embarrassing American Idol audition was found on YouTube shortly after. Her Facebook was soon outed at which time Foster brought her sister’s attention to the matter and the page quickly went private. When her mugshots were found shortly after, it was all over for Vicky because those shots are on sites all over the net and there is nothing that she can do to hide them, especially if she keeps getting busted and new shots get posted.


When the mugshots were first posted on the Porn Wiki Leaks forum, Victoria’s sister mentioned that getting a DUI was common among the age group and “No big deal.” Perhaps if Victoria was driving her young son or aging mother around while drunk and killed them both, Alexandra/Monica would change her tune? I guess it’s only a matter of time before we find out.




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