VonGutenberg.com Announces Site Launches & Affiliate Program

San Francisco, CA- This week two premiere sites featuring fashion, fantasy and lifestyle have launched, VonGutenbergCouture.com and VonGutenberg.com/shop.

VonGutenbergCouture.com offers high-end couture for men and women, corsets, lingerie, shoes and boots, masks, hats, goggles and other accessories from world renowned designers, Antiseptic and Xander, along with local Bay Area favorites—buy off the rack or have items designed to custom fit you and your lifestyle. VonGutenberg.com/shop offers VonGutenberg Magazine for individual sale or subscription, tickets to VonGutenberg-sponsored events, fantasy art, erotic books and more—there’s definitely something for every fetishist in your life.

And what would any site be without an affiliate program! This is one affiliate program that is unique and definitely puts its money where its mouth is—all the goods on both sites are tangible and have excellent payouts from 5 to 15 percent (depending on the item) with a minimum monthly payout of $50. Affiliates can track their statistics online 24 hours a day—it’s easy to navigate, the statistics are automatic and the affiliates have the tools to give them more control over their commissions and the ability to better convert traffic.

“I am very excited about the new sites and how efficient our system is for our affiliates,” Entrepreneur and owner of VonGutenbergCouture.com and VonGutenberg.com/shop, Erik Von Gutenberg.

“Many sites have affiliate programs, but affiliates can be left in the dark about how to increase their traffic and what their actual payout is. Affiliates should sign up for our program as soon as possible to cash in on huge commissions.”

To subscribe to Von Gutenberg, find out about VonGutenberg-sponsored events and/or shop in the online store and more, go to www.vongutenberg.com/shop or for fantasy couture go to www.vongutenbergcouture.com .

For more information about Von Gutenberg Magazine, VonGutenbergCouture.com and/or VonGutenberg.com/shop, email Erik Von Gutenberg at [email protected] All press inquiries should be sent to Erika Icon/The Rub PR at [email protected]

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