Wanna Get Butt Licked? Full Disclosure is Needed

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The picture taken last year of Mr. Marcus’ dick with nodes on it like a cucumber shocked the porn world. It was proof positive that Marcus knowingly worked on porn shoots during the second stage of syphilis. www.adultfyi.com/read.php?ID=55632

Similarly Rob Black has been harping on the fact that John Stagliano, owner of Evil Angel, has been working with talent but not telling them he’s HIV positive.

All words? But, as the saying goes, a picture’s worth a thousand of ‘em. Yet, once you see Stagliano in action with Kelly Divine, his face buried up her ass or his fingers probing her through a speculum, you begin to have second thoughts about what Black is saying. www.realrobblack.tumblr.com/post/47767240077/does-anyone-else-have-a-problem-with-this

Black took to the airwaves Friday night and pummeled the living daylights [verbally] out of Buttman.

Black urged his listeners to go to the link I’ve just provided you.

“John Stagliano is going to systematically bankrupt his company,” said Black.

“This is what I don’t understand and this is what talent said to me once, ‘Well, if a girl doesn’t know he has HIV what’s wrong with her? Everybody knows that.’

“Really? He got HIV 16 years ago, and you’ve got a 20 year-old girl. You mean when she was 4 years old she was supposed to know that John Stagliano is HIV positive? Because nobody talks about it now. And it’s obvious because he doesn’t tell girls. He doesn’t tell talent that he’s HIV positive, and then he works with them. He puts their life in danger for the world to see and nobody’s supposed to say anything. That means you sweep it under the rug.

“Here’s my question, girls, when you go to your gynecologist and you get the speculum, the doctor puts on rubber gloves and he take that speculum and he puts lubrication on it and he puts it in whatever orifice.

“Would you guys let him do it without rubber gloves? And don’t even sit there and say you’re going to defend Stagliano. Really? So you’d be cool with some doctor looking at you with his bare hands spreading apart your pussy, touching your pussy lips, grabbing a speculum and jamming it in? And you would be cool with that?”

“Stagliano’s not-tested because we all know he has HIV,” Black continued.

“My question is why would he touch a girl’s vagina? Why would he take a metal object on which you could cut your finger and put that speculum without any barriers on his hands in a woman’s vagina, then take his two bare fingers and insert them into the speculum?”

Black wanted to know the answer from the porn world: “If you take a girl and you put a speculum in her, and you’re HIV positive, and you’re going to take your bare fingers and stick it inside of that speculum, you’re going to tell me that’s safe behavior? You’re going to tell me that’s not the sole reasoning for the city and the state to say we should wear hazmat suits?”

“Does John Stagliano know something I don’t know and trained health professionals don’t know?” Black asked.

“Explain to me, all of you female talent right now. If I take Tom Byron who has a fresh test and he takes a speculum and sticks it in your rectum, then says, hold on a second. He goes out to the street and gets a bum to walk back into the studio, takes his two fingers- a bum comes into the studio- takes his fingers, no rubber gloves, nothing, and sticks it in that speculum in your asshole.

“AVN, take a poll. Everybody take a poll then come back to me. Would you feel comfortable for us to take a bum from the street and put his hands inside our talent that are tested, and this bum has no rubber gloves, he’s not tested, and, then…we know he’s HIV positive. Would you let that bum do that? So why would you let John Stagliano do it?

“Lawsuits are coming, people.”

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