Wannabe Glamour Model Who had Taxpayer-Funded Breast Enlargement Sues Because They are Now Too Big

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from www.dailymail.co.uk – An aspiring glamour model who had a £4,800 taxpayer-funded breast enlargement is to sue the NHS because her new assets are too big.

Josie Cunningham [pictured], of Leeds, said her 36DD breasts have ruined her life by making her the target of online abuse.

It is the third time the unmarried mother-of-two has demanded money from the taxpayer.

Not only did they foot the cost of her breast enlargement, but Miss Cunningham is now insisting on a reduction and compensation.

She claims she was not properly consulted before her operation and wants compensation for clinical negligence and emotional distress.

Miss Cunningham, who works in telesales, has consulted no-win, no-fee lawyers so she can ‘take [the NHS] for every penny’.

She said: ‘I want in excess of £10,000. Anything I can get over that is a bonus.’

The 23-year-old came under fire after revealing the details of her taxpayer-funded operation, which came while far more deserving cases failed to receive NHS funds.

Miss Cunningham, who was told she had no breast tissue due to a congenital condition, was allowed the treatment in January after complaining about being bullied since the age of 14 over her flat chest.

Funding was recommended by her GP and she underwent surgery in January at St James’s Hospital in Leeds, boosting her bust from a 32A to a 36DD.

Two months later she showed off her new figure to tabloid newspapers in the hope of launching a lucrative career as a topless model.

At the time she said her new breasts gave her the ‘confidence’ to pursue her dream and that she hoped to emulate former Page 3 girl Katie Price, also known as Jordan.

But she claims her assets have not helped her career and she now wants them reduced – also on the NHS.

Miss Cunningham told The Sun: ‘I was rushed through the process. I didn’t actually ask for 36DD — I would have been happier with a B cup.

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