War declared on Ivan Mayers, Victoria Mayers and Joan Rucker Mayers

Because this stupid fucking mentally ill, faghag, piece of shit, jealous, bitter, loser cant keep her faghole shut and keeps making empty threats and attacking people constantly behind the safety of her computer we are declaring all out war on the Mayers.

Monica tweeted this:

If you dislike me, that’s fine…attack me all you want till the end of time if that’s your turn on, but leave my mom, dad & sister alone.”

and then she went on to tweet more of her empty threats to God Long AGAIN:

  • Seoane, it’s highly advised that you never return to the United States to visit your Dad. You made bad choices, so accept the consequences.

 When will this mental monkey learn that you cant kick a porn god, you just dont do it.
Monica keep kicking the bull!


Almost ten fucking years now and this mental midget still has not learned she will only kick herself popping off at her fag fuck hole in her face with her empty threats. The only hope she and her family has is to delete all her accounts and websites and disappear forever, OR ELSE CUNT!

Its time to step up this game and expand our games against the Mayers family of loser scumbags. STAY TUNED!



  1. Foster attacked Donny’s daughter. She also attacked Randazza’s wife, which is the whole reason why Foster is being sued. Foster attacked a 3 year daughter of a friend of mine. Foster also attacked my other friends who won’t disassociate themselves with me! Foster contacts my friends and slanders me to them and if they don’t kick me to the curve, they become her new targets to harass them.

    • Yeah, it’s all fine and good until someone returns the favor and then she shits herself and plays the woe is me card. Fuck her and fuck her family. Package deal. You fuck with the bull, your whole goddamn family gets the horns. Her family disowned her some time ago anyway.

  2. LMAO, acting like she can threaten people and demand that they not return to the US. What the fuck is that chicken shit gonna do? She’s the one that can’t show her face in public. Why does she even live in the United States? She’s a shut in that’s afraid to go out in public and will look over her shoulder until the end of time. And why would anyone show her the courtesy of leaving her family out of it? She doesn’t leave anyone’s family out of it. Eh hmmm- Jennifer Randazza? There are One hundred and sixty seven THOUSAND reasons NOT to leave her family out of it!

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