Was Cameron Bay Involved in a Richard Nanula Shakedown?

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Think in terms of a classic cop movie. The case needs to be cracked before the movie ends and the veteran detective tells his chief he’s got no leads, he’s got no evidence, but he’s got a hunch.

That’s pretty much where I sit with this Cameron Bay story, but something popped up in an email that got me thinking. One of my loyal readers sent me a story that appeared on The Frisky.com in July, 2011. It’s about Cameron Bay forging a check. [Bay, a bit heavier, is pictured, right.]

I don’t know the girl she’s with, but a keyboard warrior who posted on The Frisky said this girl was involved in a Tiger Woods shake down that involved $250,000. I don’t know if that’s true, but it got me thinking.

The Frisky also broke the story about Richard Nanula and Samantha Saint, and we know Saint was involved in a shakedown orchestrated by Trinity St. Clair. Samantha Saint was with ATMLA and Shy Love admitted she sent Saint to work with Richard Nanula but nobody knew this guy www.adultfyi.com/read.php?ID=59264

Now we’ve got Cameron Bay working for ATMLA. She’s been escorting as well. Bay discovers she’s HIV positive, but there’s only so many ways that can happen and one of them is if you work with guys outside the business that might have fugazi tests. Better yet no tests and you work bareback if the money is there.

Rob Black already pointed that fact out when Mark Spiegler in an AVN interview said Nanula’s test was outside of the business norm, but, hell, he booked his girls to work with him anyway.

Did Cameron Bay ever do a Trinity St. Clair special with Nanula? Did it also involve a shakedown? That wouldn’t be hard to believe because Bay has an arrest record that includes forgery, aggravated assault and disorderly conduct.

Add to that, do we really know anything about Nanula’s health status? That question is a resounding no. Speculation, yes, but…Mark Spiegler and Shy Love opened the door to this inquiry.


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