Was Tessa Lane’s Interview with Vice.com All Show and No Go?

If memory serves me correctly, Tessa Lane opened a can of worms with her admission to a Vice.com journalist that she goes home with her share of civilian studs from Sardos. From that, one can draw the inference that porn stars, off camera, are quite the scamps. www.adultfyi.com/read.php?ID=58531

But that’s not the story she told on Debi Diamond’s show. Diamond brought up the fact that Lane had broken her hand and while she was on the mend began attending Porn Star Karaoke.

“Somehow you got your way over to Sardos and hosted Porn Star Karaoke,” said Diamond.

“My old co-host was Nicki Hunter for many years,” continued Diamond.

“That’s perfect for you because Nicki was a great singer too. [Earlier in the show Diamond had played a YouTube clip of Lane singing acapella.]

Lane said Hunter still hosts but she was covering for her a couple of months.

Diamond asked Lane if she was okay in that public environment.

“A lot of people come in; fans come in,” said Diamond.

“I’ve only been there once, and I got to admit I got a little nervous- just people being able to touch- I don’t know- if I’m not going to fuck you, I don’t really want you touching me.

“If we’re going to fuck, and I get horny, and there’s body heat and I can smell everybody, I’m just a fucking mess. I just can’t sit there and enjoy myself. Somebody did take me to the bathroom when I was there. Some lesbian was finger-banging my pussy on the toilet. It was hot.”

Diamond said while she doesn’t drink that much a couple of shots and she’s making a beeline to the bathroom.

Lane makes this interesting comment in light of the randy tone of Vice.com article: “Luckily, they have security there and stuff, and I know them really well and I’ve been going there since I started. I’ll give them a look if someone gets a little too much. They’ll come over and, ‘alright that’s enough.'”



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