Way to Go James Bartholet and Galaxy Publicity: Xander Corvus Revealed for the Jerk He Probably Is

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For weeks James Bartholet and Galaxy Publicity remained silent when one of Bartholet’s P.R. clients Trinity St. Clair was implicated in a shakedown scandal involving a bigwig Hollywood player named Richard Nanula.

While St. Clair’s cronies fed her to the wolves, St. Clair remained silent. Makes you wonder, don’t it, what the real story is.

On the other hand, as soon as the mainstream media got wind of the fact that Bartholet’s client Xander Corvus might have infected Sydney Leathers with HIV well, that was a different story. Corvus who had worked with Cameron Bay in Kink.com’s Public Disgrace was off to a clinic and then to AVN to make a statement. And what a statement.

“I definitely feel for [Bay], poor girl. She’s so cute and a really kind girl. She made mistakes, but it’s not like she got HIV by being responsible. A bird didn’t just drop it on her.”

Wow. That’s pretty idiotic on the face of it. Instead of extending best wishes and compassion to a fallen comrade, Corvus comes off looking like a complete insensitive jerk. Way to go James Bartholet. A PR coup with a statement that will haunt Corvus for the rest of his performing days.

Oh, and if I were you. I’d start working on a statement that Corvus was misquoted.

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