We are sick of being stalked by Monica Foster!

We post things and Monica Foster Alexandra Melody Mayers immediately screen caps our stuff and posts everything on social media without our permission. We are sick of it. She dishes it out and doesn’t expect it back. Well guess what, when you pop off, you should expect your foes to return the favor. Typical extreme leftist that wants it to be a one way street with only their views being heard. This is why she will never post on neutral territory and where she can’t ban, edit, delete, run to her fan bois or report. Gutless. Propaganda artist.

As for her job claims, well, if she won’t come out and say what she is up to then we have no choice to assume she is a bum that doesn’t work. She has threatened to leave Florida this week and if she had a job that was decent, she wouldn’t be so quick to leave. Where will she go? What will she do? She will be in Florida until she dies, end of story. Stop the bluffing. She needs the safety net of her mother and the high end lifestyle.

You’re not killing yourself so just stop the threats. This has gone on for many years and nothing. No balls to even off yourself right and of course she will accuse us of pushing her to do it but we have no control over what she does and should not be blamed for what she does. This is just more of the same of her manipulation and blaming. We are certain that she verbally and possibly physically abuses her little old retired mother down there in Florida and it is a sad state of affairs.

Word to the wise: Get on some medication, stick to your day job if you really have one and log off the internet for good except for money making opportunities and email with family and friends if you have any that haven’t disowned you. Disappear. Porn is not going away and neither are the scumbags that are in it. See, scumbags in porn are like flies on shit – it’s just the way it will always be. You sucked at sex and failed. Now you are a woman scorned and want to get back at everyone – The directors, performers, fans and johns. Move. The. Fuck. On. It would suck to be living with mom and in HUGE, MASSIVE debt after blowing all your porn money and STILL having your videos and pics on the net for anyone to toss off to at any time (And getting NO royalties) but hey, you made your choices.

The young man above is her former husband. Not a bad looking guy and of course white but she chased him away as she has done to everyone. It is time for her to change her ways or the suffering will continue.

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