We Believe It: Jessica Simpson Now Being Linked to Tiger Woods

from www.tmz.com – Jessica Simpson is lashing out against a tabloid report that Tiger Woods tried to add her to his list of mistresses earlier this year … no matter how believable it seems.

TMZ has learned Simpson has fired off a nasty letter to Star Magazine over a recent article which explains how Woods “liked what he saw” when the two met at a golf tournament last summer. The article also claims Simpson “decided to have fun with Tiger whether it bothered Tony or not” — meaning the two exchanged digits and e-mail addresses.

Jess, however, remembers it a bit differently — and besides the letter, took to her Twitter to call BS, saying “can’t believe that I’m on the cover of star magazine with Tiger Woods, what a JOKE! “The Shocking Inside Story” is (insert drumroll) A LIE!”

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