We Suspected She Was a Lesbo: Press Debating Farrah Abraham All-Girl Tape

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from www.examiner.com – Farrah Abraham just left Los Angeles after a week-long celebration after selling her sex tape for a reported $1.5 million. The Teen Mom star claims that the film would be her first and last sex tape, but according to new reports, she isn’t being completely honest about her porn future.

On Saturday May 11, Crazy Days And Nights reported that despite Farrah’s claims, she does have another porn in the works. “Don’t believe the denials, this former B- list reality star turned porn star says she is not going to make any more pornos, but the two women she has booked for an all female threesome would dispute that.” Ironically, Farrah was spotted out in Los Angeles on Friday night with two female porn stars, one of which was Riley Jensen.

Farrah definitely seems capable of doing something like this — especially since she’s already done it once. Plus, she seemed completely enamored with the girls she was with on Friday night. In some photos, she was nearly kissing them and in others she seemed to be gazing lovingly into their eyes. She was either infatuated, or extremely intoxicated.

Farrah has already ruined her reputation, so a girl-on-girl tape wouldn’t be all too shocking. However, one would hope that she would put more consideration into how this could affect her young daughter, Sophia. No one wants to have a porn star for a mother and if Farrah does go through with this, it will only have negative impacts on Sophia.


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