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Sean writes: Ashlynn Brooke’s website has been nominated for a Nightmoves award.

She’s up against some pretty stiff competition and after browsing her site for this review I don’t think she has a shot at the grand prize.

There’s nothing technically wrong with her site, it’s what it doesn’t have that is the problem.

Sure, it has the standard industry content of videos and photos and it’s updated on a weekly basis. But in this age of free porn it isn’t hard to find similar content on the tube sites.

Her biography’s informative but it only highlights her life and adult career. In other words she needs a hook to keep people coming back and that’s the flaw.

Brooke’s site neither has a blog nor does she offer live cam shows. She doesn’t have a Twitter link to her site, either. Successful endeavors are constant contact with fans providing them with updates and other information. Remember, out of sight equals out of mind and when that happens the result is falling revenues.

The membership fee is $24.95 a month.

The Alexa ranking for this site as of 07/31/2012 is 297,902 [US].

Sean’s grade for is a C.

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