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Sean writes: Katie Summers announced the official opening of her website on July 2, 2012 with great pomp and circumstance. [Read the press release here: ]

Normally, I’d review a new site as soon as possible but I decided to hold off and see how it evolves.

As I write this review I find that Katie’s site has been all but dormant since its launch date.

Her blog has exactly two posts since it started on June 26, 2012. Her last post, although informative, was way back on July 2. Fans should expect blogs updated at a minimum on a weekly basis.

The content includes the industry standard of solo and hard core photos and video clips. The last content update appears to have been back on July 11. Again, a site should at least update content weekly. It’s vital to have site that gives fans/paying customers a reason to keep coming back.

While Katie’s biography is nice it could have been more detailed.

Katie also has a Twitter and MySpace page but they are not directly linked to her site.

Websites are not simply a fire off and forget endeavor. It takes time and at least some effort to keep one on a successful path. From what I see, this site has really stumbled out of the gate but there’s still time to recover, so things had better improve quickly or it’ll soon be just one of hundreds like it that end up dying a slow death.

The membership fee is $24.95 a month.

The Alexa ranking for this site as of 07/26/2012 is 95,873 [US].

Sean’s grade for is a C-.

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