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Sean writes: I’ve tried to avoid websites that by and large are still online and still charging membership fees but for all intents and purposes are inactive. To me they’re complete rip-offs with the sole purpose of screwing people out of their money.

Case in point is I’m not putting any blame on her directly because I don’t know the circumstances involving the management of this site. But I do know that this URL is cold garbage.

The content meets industry standards which includes photos and videos. The complete joke is that the content has been updated a ridiculously low four times this entire year.

The Blog page is completely bank. The same goes for the Calendar page. The About Me page is rather nice however. It provides plenty of biographical information that fans would enjoy that also includes a 6 minute interview clip. Yet it too lacks updated information. Another website mentioned in her biog apparently is no longer online.

Yet with all the problems has, an unsuspecting fan can still purchase a membership for $17.95 a month. In this case fans are better off just going to a free tube site and viewing all the clips of Devon Lee without the grief of knowing they’ve their blown money.

The membership fee is $17.95 a month. That fee gets you access to 11 other gems I suspect.

The Alexa ranking for this site as of 10/22/2012 is 1,590,593.

Sean’s Grade for is an F.

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