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Sean writes: Belladonna’s website was nominated for a NightMoves award recently…and after surfing it I’m still trying to figure out why.

Fans should love her site. It offers so many things to keep them interested. However, offering and actually delivering are two very different things.

The content meets the industry standard but the updates are inconsistent. There was only one content update for July and no updates at all for June and only two listed for May. She also advertises live cam shows but there isn’t a schedule listed for her next appearance.

Belladonna also has a page dedicated to her personal appearances titled ‘Wanna Know Where I’ve Been?.’ As a fan, I really don’t care where she’s been as much I’d like to know where she’ll be next provided it’s somewhere in my neighborhood.

The site’s Forum page was a dead link: so much for that.

Belladonna also has a blog, but what’s the point of having it when the last post was back in February.

The highlight of her site for me was her biography page. It was very interesting and more in-depth then other stars’ biographies that are made up of simple likes and dislikes. She also has an active Twitter account but it isn’t directly linked to her site.

The membership fee is $34.95 a month.

The Alexa ranking for this site as of 08/01/2012 is 221,946 [US].

Sean’s grade for is a D+.

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