Week #12 Ends as Jeff Mullen Remains in First Place in AdultFYI Football Pool

I dared bet against the New Orleans Saints machine and was ground into mulch. I have learned my lesson and am convinced no one beats The Saints this year as they completely dominated the once proud New England Patriots Monday night.

Here’s how the AdultFYI football pool standings look after Week #12:

Jeff Mullen 128-48
Danny from Foxxx Modeling 126-50
John Gray 125-51
Scott David 125-51
Gene Ross 121-55
Steve Seidman 121-55
0 & 16 Chuck 120-56
Steve from Magnusxxx 119-57
Mike Dickinson 119-57
Sean from PornLegends 119-57
Sunset Thomas 116-60
John from AdultSourceMedia.com 115-61
Billy The Crystal 114-62
Ryan from Jerry’s Deli 114-62
Steve Volponi 113-63
Dr. TJ Eckleburg 113-63
Kickass Chris 113-63
KickAss Ben 112-64
Karl The Birdman 112-64
Brian Wallace 111-65

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