Week #12 Proves Best in AdultFYI Football Pool History

No one could do wrong in their NFL football picks this week as four members of the AdultFYI football pool had 13-2 records: Ryan from Jerry’s Deli, 0 & 16 Chuck, Kickass Ben and Billy the Crystal.

Right behind them were seven who had 12-3 marks and another five members with 11-4 records, making it the best week in the seven year history of the AdultFYI football pool. The big game, though, is tonight’s clash between the New England Patriots and the New Orleans Saints.

From www.latimes.com – at Atlanta 20, Tampa Bay 17: Redskins owners must be wondering why no protesters demand that Chris Redman change his name.

at Buffalo 31, Miami 14: Chad Henne is named the “Betty Crocker player of the week” for his three delectable turnovers at end of game.

at Cincinnati 16, Cleveland 7: You know it’s bad when Browns fans start longing for the glory days of Tim Couch.

Indianapolis 35, at Houston 27: Colts’ new philosophy: “We’ll count to 10 and give you a head start before we go.”

at Minnesota 36, Chicago 10: Brett Favre vs. Jay Cutler. It seems people were hoping the wrong guy would retire in the off-season.

at N.Y. Jets 17, Carolina 6: Pete Carroll calls Mark Sanchez, wonders why he didn’t go for an immediate TD after late Panthers timeout.

at Philadelphia 27, Washington 24: It’s probably too soon for another Dave Wottle reference, so we’ll just say: “Nice rally, Eagles.”

Seattle 27, at St. Louis 17: New Gateway Arch motto: “Gateway to the West, where hopefully the Rams will be moving soon.”

at Tennessee 20, Arizona 17: Hmm, Vince Young rallies his team to victory with a late touchdown. Why does that sound so familiar?

at San Diego 43, Kansas City 14: Now averaging 50 yards a game, LaDainian Tomlinson will become NFL’s all-time rushing yards leader in 2016.

at San Francisco 20, Jacksonville 3: In a clever move, Coach Mike Singletary quietly subbed in the 1985 Bears’ defense for the 49ers’ defense.

at Baltimore 20, Pittsburgh 17 (OT): No-win game for Ravens. There’s no thrill in beating a team using its third-string QB, and if you lose, well . . .

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