Week #13: AdultFYI Football Pool Race Tightening Up; Only 1 Game Separates the Leaders

Like the fable of the tortoise and the hare, 0 & 16 Chuck has slowly but surely been edging his way up the AdultFYI football pool standings, having started the season near the bottom.

But he’s not there yet, as this week’s shakeout reveals that Jeff Mullen who had a rare off week still holds on to his first place lead – but only by a game. Chuck had the week’s best record at 12-4, and took over fourth place while Danny from Foxxx Modeling gained a game on Mullen and remains in second. Scott David is in third.

Here’s how the standings look after Week #13:

Jeff Mullen, 137-55
Danny from Foxx Modeling, 136-56
Scott David, 135-57
0 & 16 Chuck, 132-60
Gene Ross, 131-61
John Gray, 131-61
Steve Seidman, 131-61
Mike Dickinson, 129-63
Sean from Porn Legends, 128-64
Steve from Magnus, 127-65
John from Adult Source Media, 124-68
Steve Volponi from Devil’s Film, 123-69
Kickass Chris, 123-69
Dr. TJ Eckleberg, 122-70
Sunset Thomas, 122-70
Billy the Crystal, 122-70
Ryan from Jerry’s Deli- 122-70
Karl the Birdman, 120-72
Kickass Ben, 119-73
Brian Wallace, 119-73

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