Week 3: The Swami Tries Again

The Sports Swami posts: You know you are in a funk when you go 8-8, get beat by Alexander the Poet (who basically just picked them out of a hat), Gene Ross’ tarot cards (was given a severe beating for that by bosses at cyberstation) and Wankus (no words can describe that humiliation that I will suffer)
So with that in mind, have been pondering results, studying stats… and am going to my aunt who is a nun and praying my ass off!

Here are the Swami’s picks
Steelers over the Bengals (LOCK OF THE DAY)
Chiefs over Texans
Vikings over Lions
Bucs over Falcons
Colts over Jaguars
Titans over Saints
Patriots over Jets (The players hate Belichek… who doesn’t hate their boss at times)
Packers over Cardinals
Rams over Seattle (Bulger is the football version of that f$%^in rally monkey)
Redskins over Giants
49ers over Browns
Ravens over Chargers
Bills over Dolphins (Choke on that Bledsoe TD Wankus)
Raiders over Broncos

If i finish less than 500 this week or not at least with ten wins… then I will personally ram my head against the fridge!

May God bless my pics

Sports Swami
Gene sez: May God have mercy on your picks



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