Week #9 AdultFYI Football Pool: Eagles Suck Eggs; Then, Again, There’s The Giants….

They looked like crap and lost to Oakland. They looked like crap and beat the Redskins. Last week the Eagles didn’t look like crap, but this week they’re back to being crap. Count Philadelphia as one of the erratic teams that are making mincemeat out of this NFL season- if you’re trying to pick winners and losers, that is. And how about them Giants?

I know I should have listened to Billy the Crystal this week instead of going with gut instinct. The Crystal fashioned a 10-2 record as the best performance in the AdultFYI football pool. Jeff Mullen and Brian Wallace were runners-up going 9-3. Tonight the Steelers meet Denver.

From www.latimes.com:

Arizona 41, at Chicago 21: It turns out Jay Cutler isn’t the second coming of Jim McMahon, but the second coming of Bob Avellini.

at Atlanta 31, Washington 17: Redskins were so excited about healthcare news over the weekend that they couldn’t concentrate.

at Cincinnati 17, Baltimore 7: The days of Kyle Boller aren’t looking too bad in Baltimore about now.

at Indianapolis 20, Houston 17: Jim Caldwell is first rookie coach to go 8-0 since Potsy Clark in 1931. We’ll avoid obvious “Sit on it, Potsy” joke.

at Jacksonville 24, Kansas City 21: Little-known fact: Out of uniform, Maurice Jones-Drew is 4 feet tall and weighs 82 pounds.

at New England 27, Miami 17: Patriots’ defense to Dolphins’ offense: “That wildcat is such a cute kitty. Can we declaw it?”

at Tampa Bay 38, Green Bay 28: Buccaneers wear jerseys honoring Lee Roy Selmon and the 1979 team, then bungle it by actually winning.

at New Orleans 30, Carolina 20: Saints rally because they want to make this season’s playoff failure particularly painful for their fans.

at Seattle 32, Detroit 20: Lions haven’t won on road in 25 months, which means Octomom’s babies have yet to savor a Detroit road victory.

San Diego 21, at N.Y. Giants 20: Giants graciously lost on purpose so that all the glory would go to the Yankees again this week.

Tennessee 34, at San Francisco 27: Fans in Nashville are wondering if the Titans will run the table and make the playoffs. No.

Dallas 20, at Philadelphia 16: Cowboys announce they’ve challenged 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team for title of “America’s Team.”

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