WEHT Steven Hirsch And Paul Fishbein’s Vivid Radio Roundtable Discussion?

I noticed that Vivid is releasing Spiderman 2.

It’s funny that Vivid is still putting out Axel Braun movies. They’re still putting out movies as if they are on some type of release schedule that amounts to new product being made and still being relevant in the movie making business. They are about as relevant in movie making now as they are on radio.

What’s also funny is Spiderman 2 was shot around the time of the Cameron Bay HIV outbreak, which was about 10 months ago. So this movie is 10 months old and is now just being released. It was actually shot between moratoriums. After the Cameron Bay moratorium was lifted, they shot this movie and then Sofia Delgado came up positive after and the moratorium was back on. It created a huge controversy also because Spiderman Xander Corvus was a first generation exposure with Cameron Bay when he had the famous bleeding dick incident.


So Spiderman 2 is being released and being touted as the new movie from Vivid and giving consumers the illusion that they are still making movies and are still relevant and have Axel Braun still in their stable even though he told them to fuck off and went to Wicked months ago. Like I said, Vivid is as relevant in the game of making new movies as they are as a player on radio.

Speaking of Vivid Radio, whatever happened to the Vivid Roundtable discussion that took place a couple of weeks ago? It was supposed to have been an historic meeting with all of the great minds of porn: Steven Hirsch, Paul Fishbein, Axel Braun, Joanna Angel, Ed Powers and Paul Thomas. Oh, and Andrew Blake and Jules Jordan. Does anybody have an update on how that historic radio interview went?

They hyped this up like it was the be all end all of power meetings. It was about “looking into the future of the business through the eyes of six masters of their craft.” Directors who were so on top of their game that one couldn’t imagine what our business would be like without their filmmaking expertise. Oh wait, I forgot. Paul Thomas isn’t directing now. Neither is Ed Powers or Andrew Blake. Those guys are useless when talking about the future of the business when they are not part of what’s currently being produced.

We actually talked about it when it was announced. We talked about how funny it was the the discussion was to be about the future of the business and Paul Thomas, Ed Powers and Andrew Blake hadn’t done anything recently and how Axel Braun and Jules Jordan were really the only ones qualified to speak on the subject.

This was something that Steven Hirsch said would be “one of the most remarkable Vivid Radio programs so far.” Something that would was a once in a lifetime experience, having all of these great minds together at the same time. So why haven’t we heard anything about it? No recap articles, no soundbites. Why hasn’t anybody even written a half-assed press release? It’s as if this grand interview never existed.

It’s weird, man. Especially coming from Steve Hirsch and Paul Fishbein, two historical heavyweights in the business. For them not to report on anything that happened on their show is kinda bizarre. It’s really perplexing to me.

It seems if you want people to go to Vivid Radio you would report on the exciting programming that you have. I can’t imagine that Christy Canyon or Brandy Aniston would as exciting as a showstopper like Steve Hirsch and Paul Fishbein conducting an historic director roundtable discussion. Having all of these monumental directors in one room would be something to write about, I would think. Catch the excitement at Vivid Radio. Subscribe to Sirius to you can listen to these historic monumental events on Vivid Radio.

Whoever is in charge of publicity at Vivid Radio is a complete fucking failure. Not a word on what was supposed to be an epic event. No recaps, no replays. Nothing. Do they actually want to make money and successful at this or is this just another Steve Hirsch money pit like his latest attempt to enter the cable market?

We haven’t heard anything about it. Which means it either didn’t go on or it went on and it was completely horrible and stupid or Vivid is so fucked up that they didn’t think it was important enough to report on it. All three of those scenarios amount to Vivid sucking ass.

So seeing Spiderman XXX advertised made me instantly think of how pathetic Vivid is now that Axel isn’t there. Seeing no reports on the historic Vivid Radio roundtable shows that Vivid Radio isn’t going anywhere.

Maybe the brain trust over there should watch The Rob Black Show and read AdultFYI to see how it’s done.

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