Weiner Pulls Another One; Allegations Surface of Explicit Exchanges After His Resignation

from www.nytimes.com – Allegations surfaced on Tuesday that former Representative Anthony D. Weiner conducted sexually explicit exchanges with a woman over the Internet, even after he announced his resignation from office in 2011 and vowed to seek therapy.

The exchanges were published on The Dirty, a racy gossip site, and reported by BuzzFeed.

Mr. Weiner, in a statement issued hours later, did not deny that he took part in the exchanges, saying only, “Some things that have been posted today are true and some are not.”

He also, conspicuously, did not address the question of whether the exchanges took place before his resignation from Congress, or after he resigned and said he was seeking treatment. But the woman who took part in the exchanges suggested to The Dirty that they took place after his resignation.

Mr. Weiner, 48, is now a leading Democratic candidate for mayor of New York. He has repeatedly apologized for exchanging sexually explicit communications with women he knew only online, but has suggested that the behavior had ended.

The new exchanges reported on Tuesday were quite raunchy. The man in the conversation, who went by the name Carlos Danger but was identified by the woman as Mr. Weiner, claimed to fantasize about showering with the woman, and sent her a picture of his naked penis.

In one of the exchanges the man says: “I’ve found the perfect woman. Gorgeous, sexy and like a bit of my crazy.”

She responds, “I basically worship the ground you walk on. You’re incredible.”

He then asks, “So you won’t tell me what picture of me you like the most or turned you on the most? Only TV?” And she says, “Specifically your health care rants were a huge turn on.”

Mr. Weiner, who normally responds quickly to questions, took half a day to respond to the new accounts. In a statement issued at around 2:30 p.m., he acknowledged that some of the posts were his.

“I said that other texts and photos were likely to come out, and today they have,” he said.

“As I have said in the past, these things that I did were wrong and hurtful to my wife and caused us to go through challenges in our marriage that extended past my resignation from Congress. While some things that have been posted today are true and some are not, there is no question that what I did was wrong. This behavior is behind me. I’ve apologized to Huma and am grateful that she has worked through these issues with me and for her forgiveness. I want to again say that I am very sorry to anyone who was on the receiving end of these messages and the disruption that this has caused. As my wife and I have said, we are focused on moving forward.”

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