Welcome To Las Vegas Derek Hay, Now Get The Fuck Out

We made reference a couple of weeks ago to Derek Hay, everybody’s favorite scumbag pimp and LA Direct Models. We were informed that Derek Hay was being thrown out of the Vivid building. I didn’t have confirmation of this, or that he was moving to Las Vegas. I threw those questions out there and waited for somebody, anybody, to just answer them. Simple questions.

Within one day everybody’s favorite news agency “Drudge” South informed everybody that I was a liar and that Derek Hay was not moving to Las Vegas and he already had an office in Las Vegas. But he wasn’t moving to Las Vegas.

So I got my answer as to whether Derek Hay was thrown out of the Vivid building, but I’m not sure if my question that he was moving to Vegas was answered.

With my persistent questioning, people slowly started to come out of the woodwork. One of whom was my good friend, chocolate thunder herself, Monica Foster.

What she sniffed out was like when you walk into a room full of BBW’s that are all excited about their upcoming awards show where you find out who is the best BBW. It’s like walking into a room and smelling and going, “One of these fat motherfuckers just farted!” You’re in there with all these happy fatties and you know one of them stinks right now.

That’s what Monica Foster does. She sniffs, and finds the fart smelling fatty. That is what she did. And our beautiful chocolate thunder pulled out this gem:


“Three bedroom home sells in Canyon Club subdivision by BlockShopper News Service, published Sept. 27,2013”

“Mark K. Dyle and Dawn E. Dyle sold a three-bedroom, four-bath home at 8608 Titleist Circle, in Las Vegas, to Derek Hay for $1,850,000 on Sept. 25.
Built in 2005, the 5,138-square-foot, two-story home last sold for $405,000 in April 2002. It is located in the Canyon Gate Country Club subdivision.
According to BlockShopper, there have been 16,518 home sales in Las Vegas during the past 12 months with a median sale price of $135,000.”

Now I don’t know if buying a 1.8 million dollar 5000 square foot home as moving to Las Vegas qualifies as moving to Las Vegas. What do you call that? A timeshare?

I know, I know, I know, he’s a media mogul. That’s just a vacation home. That doesn’t mean they’re moving to Las Vegas.

Also, I’m not going to say anything yet, but I heard through the little birdie rumor mill that I am going to receive information as to where this mystical office is. I don’t know if I’m going to be told of an office or of this three bedroom home. I don’t know. But I was told that this person has juice and knew where Derek was in Las Vegas. So this could be his 1.8 million dollar home or his phantom mysterious office.

Now unless there is another Derek Hay, it sure looks look he’s moving to Las Vegas. That’d be kinda hip. Or is this something that nobody talks about because Rob Black is a liar?

I put the question out there on my show. Monica Foster dug up the information. Now is this going to be ignored? Go to www.PornNewsToday.com right now. Click on the links. Now you tell me. Is Derek Hay moving to Las Vegas?

If I get information that there is an actual office and a 1.8 million dollar house could we then talk about Derek Hay fleeing Los Angeles? You can’t deny all this evidence that is not only staring you in the face, it’s punching you in the dick. If this isn’t telling you that Derek Hay is getting the fuck out of Dodge I don’t know what is.

If you’re gonna tell me that his business is just expanding, then the hooker business is pretty goddamn good. You know it isn’t expanding because of production.

So what’s next? Who is going to fill the void in Los Angeles left by Mr. Hay? You know there’s got to be someone who is either working with Hay and someone who is going to break away. I gotta imagine that someone in the mentally challenged LA Direct camp had to have said, “Derek, listen. Unless you have girls who are gonna come out here and be straight up hookers, you are gonna lose 75%.” Because most girls don’t start out thinking they’re gonna be dirty hookers in the Air-Tel Plaza. Most think they’re gonna be the next Jenna Jameson or Tera Patrick or Sasha Grey or whoever is popular at the time. And Las Vegas is not where pornography is made.

Most girls know if you want to be in the movies you come to Hollywood. Most girls know if you want to be a hooker or a showgirl or a stripper you come to Vegas.

The adult industry is still about making movies. Whether or not you’re cumming on each other you’re still acting and being on set with the lights and cameras and you’re going to parties and award shows and pretending to be a celebrity. The girls love all that stuff that only happens here in Los Angeles.

Vegas is a place where you come to work at a casino, either as a blackjack dealer, a waitress or a hooker. The people that think Vegas is this bastion of hope for the porn business are fucking delusional. So yes, the industry that will pack up and move to Las Vegas are hookers.

But unfortunately for all of you, that industry is regulated. Either legally in places like Pahrump or regulated by cops, politicians or other pimps in Vegas. If you think anyone’s gonna step to the marching orders of Derek Hay you’re nuts. The minute you start making noise you’re done. The minute a model house gets busted you’re done. You’re going into someone’s backyard. You’re not gonna go into Vegas saying, “We’re not hookers and pimps, we’re adult film stars.” They’ll say you may be adult film stars in Los Angeles, but you’re not here in Las Vegas, cocksuckers. Now start paying up or get the fuck out or you’re gonna get whacked.

So Derek Hay is going full on balls out into prostitution. All his contacts and all of the money to buy a 1.8 million dollar house was not from making $100 booking fees. He makes his money from having girls post up at Caesar’s Palace and coming back and whacking up 15 grand. He’s got girls like Tasha Reign and Brooklyn Lee who are part of the La Direct Models machine who have already posted up in Las Vegas.

LA Direct Models is going to be known as the site for the black market hooker trade in Las Vegas. They are not gonna attract the young girls who impatiently wait for their eighteenth birthday so they can move to Hollywood and be a porn star. It took the adult business 30-40 years to get to that point where the culture produced girls like that. Derek Hay can’t flick a switch and all of a sudden girls are gonna go to Vegas to get their big porno contracts. Not gonna happen.

You’re gonna have two sections of talent. You’re gonna have the hooker faction in Vegas and the adult film actress faction in LA. I mean, they’re all hookers. But you’re gonna have one side going I’m an adult film actress first, hooker second and you’re gonna have the other side saying I’m a hooker through and through, I don’t care if I never do another porn. I should have always been in Vegas, I don’t know why Derek waited this long. This is hooker heaven. And if Derek pisses me off, I can drop a dime on him or I can drive a half hour away and work in a brothel. I can totally let my hooker flag fly.

These girls don’t need to pretend they’re adult film actresses. You know how many girls wish there wasn’t a camera in their face? The only reason they moved to Los Angeles is because that’s the only place they can suck dick for money and call it “acting.”

Derek Hay is going to have all these young porn girls working the casinos. He’s gonna have them working the conventions, the bars. And then they’re gonna get busted, it happens all the time.

Here’s how it goes down. You guys are gonna be going into territories that all these old hookers already have on lockdown. They’re gonna be hitting the high rollers at Caesar’s and New York, New York. Derek’s gonna have it all mapped out where you’re gonna go.

Somebody’s gonna say, “Who are all these young girls that we keep seeing?” Then the other one goes, “Oh, they’re from LA, they’re porn girls that are here because of all the stuff going on back there.” Then one of them is gonna go to one of the pit bosses that they blow and say, “You see all these porn girls out here? They’re muscling in on our action.” Pit boss goes, “OK we’ll take care of it.”

And then guess what happens? Either they do it nicely and say, “Listen, we know what’s going on. You’re hooking. Get the fuck out.” Or they call the police. Because they all know each other because they’re all good old boys. You guys need to understand this. Then the police are just gonna grab you and say, “You’re hookers. Let’s go.” Then they’re gonna drag you through the casino, and even if they don’t have anything on you, you’re already spilling your guts because they’ve terrified you. You’re used to LA where you’ve never been busted. Now you’re going to Las Vegas baby, where you’re gonna be playing with serious fucking pros.

It’s like when all these wannabe gangsters were out here in LA running things and when the real gangsters came out here and slapped the shit out of them you saw what happened. Porn girls are used to doing privates with friends of friends or Hollywood types that want to bang out a porn star. Now they’re gonna go to Vegas. Derek’s gonna drop them off and say, “OK work those high rollers, girls.”

You’re gonna have seasoned hookers look at you and go, “Girl, I just did ten guys today, I did twelve guys yesterday, six the day before. If you get in my way, I’m gonna cut your fake tits off, bitch.”

And you’re gonna see a nineteen year old girl try to work her little porn star attitude, and she will go to the bathroom, and this old hooker will spray acid in her fucking face. Just like that.

You have no idea what dealing with real workers is like. You people that live in this safe little LA porn bubble have no idea how to deal with someone who comes up and slaps you in your fucking face and says, “What are you gonna do about it? Run to the cops? You’re in the middle of the fucking desert.”

You’re gonna go to a city that had Oscar Goodman as their mayor? A mob lawyer who defended Tony Spilotro? You’re gonna go to the cops? Back in LA everybody’s a fucking rat. Bunch of these guys, they all wore wires. Ask Russ Hampshire about that.

You know who controls Vegas? Vegas. Vegas controls Vegas. They’re controlled by unions, politicians, everyone works together with one goal. To make lots of money. They don’t tolerate anyone out there stepping on everyone’s dicks. When you roll out there and try to play the prostitution/ shooting game, you’re stepping on a lot of dicks. When you go to Vegas, you’re going to get heavily regulated and taxed or you’re just gonna disappear.

When you want to meet somebody that you have a problem with, Vegas is where you go. It’s in the desert. There’s no civil rights marches like in LA. No million Mexican marches on the streets of Las Vegas. They’ve got guys like the Maloofs, Steve Wynn, hardass Republicans like Sheldon Adelson. These guys own fucking casinos. These guys don’t tolerate bullshit.

You guys have no fucking idea.

You wanna be a porn star? Be a porn star in Los Angeles. Because you’re not a porn star in Las Vegas.

It’s gonna be very entertaining when that limey cocksucker Derek Hay pops his head up. May not happen next week or next month.

But it’s gonna happen.

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