We’re Different From Other Talent Agencies Says Jase Robbins of Syndicate Modeling Group

LOS ANGELES, CA – Newly-launched Syndicate Modeling Group offers adult industry performers a safe, respectful environment in which to thrive, in a non-exclusive management format that differs from most other talent agencies in the business.

Bringing to the adult industry over fifteen years of mainstream management experience, Syndicate has already made their presence known with their current roster, placing adult entertainment starlets with not only adult productions, but also mainstream visibility opportunities.

“We take a very proactive approach with our talent,” says Syndicate
Modeling Group CEO Jase Robbins.

“We assist our clients with creating a brand name for themselves, and also offer a non-exclusive contract to all of our talent. By showing them that they can decide if they want to accept the shoots we are able to offer them, the rates offered, and more, we are able to treat our clients with the utmost respect, dignity, and integrity, and help them develop their own professional brand into something more than just a hired body. We work *with* our model clients – they aren’t obligated to any kind of commitment with us contractually, only to the productions whose shoots they have committed to. We also insist all Syndicate models adhere to our safe sex requirements, which are stricter than the industry standard. We also offer unique alternatives to production companies to ensure our model appearances, which differ from other talent agencies. Companies who work with us currently are very pleased with our approach.”

“This is how the mainstream world works; it was interesting to see how
different it is in adult,” continues Jase.

“With Syndicate, we offer models the same sort of collaborative branding and support that we have offered our mainstream clients for over fifteen years. By offering non-exclusive contracts, we offer our services to all models – we’re here to help everyone get as much exposure and work as possible, without trying to compete with other talent agencies in the business. Syndicate is made up of true managers, not performers or ex-performers; we’re not interested in performing with our talent in any way.

“Our management includes offering our talent roster not only adult entertainment performance opportunities, but also exposure in the mainstream; we handle their press exposure as well, which is also something not usually handled by adult talent agencies.

“Syndicate’s *only* interest is in assisting our models grow their brand, so they can maximize their positive experience while in this industry.”

Syndicate clients have performed in adult projects by companies including
Playboy, Vivid, Wicked, Bang Bros, Reality Kings, and Score Group;
Syndicate models have also appeared in projects by Capitol Records, Tilly
Stores, Metal Mulisha, and more. Syndicate is also responsible for placing
performers in projects in the UK and Europe.

“We have also just started preproduction on five reality shows, which have
all been greenlit by major television and cable networks,” adds Jase.
“We’re shooting the pilots over the summer and just completed the first
this past week. It’s a very exciting time for us at Syndicate, and we look
forward to working with anyone interested in what we have to offer.”

For more information about Syndicate Modeling Group, visit
www.syndicatemodeling.com/. Follow Syndicate Modeling Group on Twitter at www.twitter.com/syndicatemodels and on Tumblr at www.syndicatemodels.tumblr.com.

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