We’re Now Offering Video Clips- And Bill Fox Said It Couldn’t Be Done

I never thought I would live to write this sentence- Rob Black who’s not even a webmaster is a better webmaster than Bill Fox.

There were so many things I wanted to do with AdultFYI, but every time I approached Bill Fox on the subject, Fox would tell me in mumbo jumbo webmasterese how this couldn’t be done and that couldn’t be done. I wanted to have video clips up a long time ago, but Fox insisted I needed a web press format to do that. Really?

I paid this guy a handsome fee every month to basically allow AdultFYI to become a pile of HTML dog crap. Which is Rob Black’s description of it when he took the site over and began making the necessary changes that Fox never saw fit to do.

So now that we have video, I direct your attention to a 7 minute-plus clip of Katie Summers www.adultfyi.com/read.php?ID=59709

One other thing. Since Fox is gone, my traffic has nearly doubled and it was pretty damn good to begin with. So whether that’s sheer coincidence or not I can’t tell you.

But, girls, if you have Bill Fox as a webmaster, you might be getting the mumbo jumbo runaround as I did, and I guarantee you my traffic on a bad dad was way better than your site is on a good day. If I was allowed to lapse into dog shit, there’s a pooper scooper in your future.


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