What Do The Cards Have in Store for Capricorn Mike Kulich?

Adult industry wunderkind Mike Kulich heads up Assence Films, Tranny Factory, OGEE Studios and Monarchy Distribution. And just recently Monarchy Distribution inked a new deal with Blue Coyote Pictures to include the distribution of its new all interracial studio ‘Penetrator Pictures’. So the Tarot cards might have to say that Kulich is playing the hot hand.

Kulich, who grew up in Westport Connecticut, displayed entrepreneurial spirit at a young age when, at the local high school, he began selling old Playboy magazines out of the trunk of his car.

In a profile of Kulich written by The Stamford Times, it was noted that a faculty member joked that he should be in the adult entertainment industry.

“Although tempting, Kulich strayed from his passion and briefly attended John Jay College in New York with the goal of becoming a police officer. He soon realized it was not the path he was intended to take,” says the article.

Kulich subsequently moved out to Los Angeles and lived in the Valley where he was surrounded by people in the adult industry. Abound with cockiness, Kulich met industry vet Howard Levine who was hiring a sales assistant at the time. Levine advised Kulich to find another line of work. I don’t believe Levine reads Tarot cards.

In any event Kulich went on to land his first job with International Video Distributors (IVD) and later worked for a male enhancement company.

Subsequently he started a replication company called DVD Makers which was bought out and became DVD Factory.

Money from the sale prompted Kulich to start his own studio. In a turn of fate only the Tarot can appreciate, Levine wound up working for Kulich.

As you’ll no doubt gather, Kulich is a firm believer in giving back to the community and in the wake of what has now been dubbed by the media as the ‘Dark Night Massacre’, Monarchy Distribution has sent it’s support to the victims of one of the deadliest shootings in US History by pledging $10,000 to the Aurora Relief Fund.

“When I first heard about the shooting something came over me that I have never felt before. My son lives a few miles from where this took place. Although I didn’t lose someone that day, it has stayed with me and I knew we had to do something.” Kulich has said.

“My hope is that other studios and novelty companies follow our lead in helping the victims of Aurora. This is an incident that could have happened anywhere and it is important to show our support and lend a helping hand wherever we can.”

Born December 24th, Kulich is a Capricorn who shares birthdays with Howard Hughes and Nostradamus. Highly successful, this Capricorn as you may have gathered from Hughes’ life, are enigmatic, quirky and pride themselves on being different from the norm.

They aren’t quick to divulge their inner thoughts, and, thus, this Capricorn remains a mystery to those around them. These people are born decision makers, but on the down side, have self-destructive tendencies and at times can be quite irrational.

At the same time December 24 people have amazing self-discipline, are good financial planners, money managers and aren’t afraid to take risks. Sometimes those risks backfire but the December 24th Cap has ways of dealing with that.

The “draw” card in Kulich’s reading is The Five of Swords. This is the person who always reads the best out of every situation. He always sees the glass as half full rather than half empty; and his unbridled optimism doesn’t comprehend the word “can’t”.

Nonetheless Kulich may be entering a phase where even the power of positive thinking can’t alter the facts of some situations. Then, again, this is the type of person who makes lemonade when served lemons. And if you subscribe to the idea of reincarnation, I offer the fact that Kulich was a Roman general in a past life.

The Seven of Cups, the card in aspect, says that Kulich sees the world differently from most folk. Not only is he a good idea man, but he can turn those ideas into concrete, money making propositions.

The man with the Midas touch, according to these cards. At the same time, Kulich, a restless soul, will never be content with the status quo. He’s always looking to do bigger and better things.

This card together with the Five of Swords tells me that he might be frustrated about not putting a couple of deals together right about now, but the Tarot always says everything in its own time.

The next card up, the Ace of Pentacles confirms this. Kulich’s best days are ahead of him and a lot of that is pay back due to his charitable giving and sense of community.

If he’s the guy in the crap game holding the dice, the cards say bet on the shooter. This card is also saying that a very big business deal is headed his way- the kind that will make all the previous ones pale in comparison.

The Nine of Wands says that Kulich is a hands-on guy with his day-to-day business. But this can take a toll, physically and mentally. Because the December 24th Cap doesn’t like to delegate responsibility, Kulich may find some parallels between his life and Howard Hughes’.

That’s not to say that Kulich, like Hughes, will wind up a hermit with a casino, a plate of Hollywood mistresses, a straggly beard and five inch fingernails, but the Nine of Wands advises to learn the lessons of the past and act accordingly.

Right now we’re in the Leo period, and The Strength card in the reading tells us something pretty significant is about to happen for Kulich. This is a game changer, but there also may be a contest of wills involved. Dental problems are also likely to occur.

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