What Do The Cards Have to Say for Taurus Bonnie Rotten?

Born May 9th, Bonnie Rotten is a Taurus. Rotten who grew up in the Cincinnati area, was a car and motorcycle show model and began dancing at 18. She worked in the Dayton club managed by Tim Case.

She’s been in the business all of seven months but has just landed the plum assignment as one of the trophy girls for the 30th anniversary AVN Awards taking place Jan. 19, 2013. She’ll also be signing at the AEE Expo Jan. 16-19, 2013 at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

In addition she’s been named Charm of the Month at www.CarnalSkin.net, the GTXXX October Starlet of the Month and is a nominee for Inked Angels Starlet of the Year. Miss Rotten also won the Miss Congeniality award at the recent NightMoves Awards earlier in the month.

According to a recent AVN profile, she’s shot less than 20 scenes, with her most notable work to date being New Sensations’ Meet Bonnie, a star showcase in which she appears in every scene. She’s also shot for Brazzers, Evil Angel, Diabolic and Kink.com.

Rotten we’re told is a horror film fan with many of her tattoos being inspired by those pictures. She’s also modeled at horror conventions and for scary calendars.

It was through the adult-friendly Girls and Corpses magazine that Rotten was introduced to the world of adult entertainment. After winning the title of Ms. Dead Indiana at the Horrorhound convention, Rotten flew out to L.A. to shoot for G&C. She met up with photographer Ken Marcus at his birthday party and was introduced to the fetish world.

“Ken Marcus has been a wonderful bug in my ear providing me with knowledge that most 19-year-olds would be lucky to hear,” she said in an interview with Gram Ponante.

“He has taught me different ways to handle people, about business, about bondage and techniques, and the weird and kinky.”

It was probably in the movie “Tattooed Anal Sluts” that Rotten captured the minds and imaginations of fans everywhere when she uttered these now immortal words, “I want your fat cock in my 19-year-old ass.”

Trust me. I’ve met a lot of Taurus women, and a cock in their ass is not among life’s expectations.

In that interview Rotten also said, “Men are my fans. I’ve been modeling since I was 16, and I know they like me. I can’t pretend that they don’t, but I’m not going to get a big head about it. I’ll just say it’s always been insane and I appreciate it.”

According to both the Tarot cards and the stars, Rotten is quite individualistic, very centered, sets her minds on goals and tries to keep out of petty squabbles and dramas. In other words don’t expect to read nasty gossip about her.

The self-deprecating May 9th Taurus is a bold spirit and relishes challenges. Their personality is forceful, they radiate power and their enthusiasm level is very high. You’ll always see them as leaders of the pack.

Rotten, who shares a birthday with Billy Joel and the late TV journalist Mike Wallace, values her word. When she tells you something, you can take it to the bank, whereas in porn, most words can’t be taken to a check cashing establishment.

The one thing, however, this Taurus has to be wary of is being swept up by fanciful ideas. So as Rotten’s career in porn progresses, she’ll begin weeding out the con artists from the genuine articles.

On the negative side, this sign must learn to curtail a temper. Boy, can they get riled up.

The “draw” card in this young lady’s reading is The Sun. She radiates energy and is a positive influence on those around her. She makes things happen, whether consciously or not.

People like to be around her, and, although she’s only 19, she has the wisdom of an old soul. Bonnie has a natural flair for comedy, and if she ever decides to leave the porn business she could wind up having a career like a Lisa Lampanelli.

The card in aspect is The Nine of Wands. She realizes that hard work is required to get you there, and she doesn’t shirk from that notion, or her responsibilities. The problem is, she tends to carry a lot of dead weight, and, as her porn career progresses, she’ll have to decide who her real friends are or aren’t.

Free loaders and “yes” men abound, and this is what I mean by dead weight. This card also warns against biting off more than you can chew.

The enthusiasm of being new in the business also makes you susceptible to flattery and connivery [one woman in particular has been feeding lies to her], and you want to be a people pleaser.

Although Bonnie’s street-wise to a certain extent, this will be a major learning experience for her. In fact, these two cards are saying that she’s meant to be in porn at this stage of her life because there’s something way better that she’s being prepared for.

The Nine of Swords is saying bad news is just around the corner. It could be betrayal by a friend, or the realization that all good things must come to an end sooner or later. Together with the other cards, I get the feeling that Bonnie’s projecting one image to the world while keeping some sad facts to herself. She definitely puts on a mask, and the thing with the body art is part of her armor.

She may also experience some down time in the next couple of weeks either due to illness or family issues. But there’s definitely drama in the works.

The Page of Swords says enough is enough already, and Rotten now has to tell some people to pound sand. As I said earlier, when she gets worked up, look out. Hell’s coming to breakfast. What I said earlier about how she’d like to keep her name out of the gossip pages? There might come an exception.

There’s a madcap schedule in the cards. Between the Eight of Wands and the Eight of Pentacles, porn bloggers, et.al. will certainly have their work cut out for them.

Bonnie’s PR itinerary looks to be very active, and something new to be written about her will be a daily occurrence. While this lady’s rolling a pair of hot dice, she’s also got to be wary of some forces that would try to manipulate and take advantage of her. Bonnie’s being given a warning to be on the look out for a certain individual who would turn her against her friends.

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