What Do The Feds Have on Veronica Jett?

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There’s something rotten in the city of Los Angeles. Bad enough that it took three trials to convict Ira Isaacs of obscenity, the Feds don’t seem to be happy with their guilty verdict. Now they want blood.

Of course Isaacs who fancies himself to be some kind of Beat Generation artiste/avatar didn’t help his case.

No sooner was Isaacs convicted in May that LAPD came up with additional evidence that he was still selling those movies in question. And then some.

Don’t you think the smart thing for Isaacs would have been to quit?

Apparently Isaacs didn’t think so, and, as a result Federal prosecutors have asked for enhanced sentencing.

Making matters worse, besides continuing to sell those illegal movies, Isaacs went on a KFI-AM talk radio show hosted by David Cruz and urged listeners to buy others at his site www.scatmoviez.com which now appears to be shut down. But you never know.

At the time of all this, Isaacs had another 28 scat epics up there, and, so, LAPD doing what it does best, pretended to be customers and bought the new product including, “Euro Scat Girls,” “My Pony Lover” and “Violet: Dog and Pig Fuckers.”

As soon as I wrap up season 3 of The Good Wife and Season 5 of Burn Notice, I intend to spend a Saturday afternoon catching up with the Isaacs canon.

Then a brand new chapter in the Isaacs saga wrote itself this week when a performer in one of Isaacs’ shit epics, Veronica Jett, aka Amanda Tibbetts, claimed that she was fed drugs by him.

Besides that, Tibbetts is also claiming that she’s suffering mental anguish having become known as the girl who ate scat. In fact, that was the topic of conversation at the bar during the NY Giants game Thursday night, that Tibbetts eats shit. It’s all over the Valley about Tibbetts, who, I understand, is having a peanut butter fudge sundae named after her by Ben & Jerry’s.

The Isaacs case has been going on for how long? And all of a sudden Tibbetts shows up as a tormented star witness? Pleaaaaaaaase.

It’s like that classic scene in every lawyer movie. Defense counsel has a hostile witness on the stand and asks if they’ve been offered a deal to testify. The irate D.A. then gets up to object whereupon the judge overrules and says, “I want to hear this.”

If Tibbetts is now all of a sudden spilling her guts, the Feds have something on her. And I want to hear what it is.

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