What Happened With The Adult Performer Advocacy Committee?

I want to talk about something interesting. Interesting in that it was created and promoted by a whole group of people and seems to have fallen by the wayside.

I get that fact that when Rob Black does something it’s a big joke. But when Jessica Drake does something, Nina Hartley does something, when Kimberly Kane, James Deen, Chanel Preston, Asa Akira, Kelly Shibari do something, nobody laughs. Except Rob Black, because he’s bitter and jealous. I can only wish to be as cool as all of them.

Nonetheless, when these cool people do something, it gets done. When they do something, it’s successful. People respond. When these people form a group, a cohesive unit, an army, a team, it’s unstoppable. I would imagine that they could move mountains. I would imagine that they could create something that would rival the Russian Army and President Putin. Wouldn’t you?

These are the A-list caliber talent of the adult biz. Nina Hartley, one of the most respected actresses of all time. Asa Akira. Chanel Preston, top Spiegler Girl. Was formerly Wonderwoman, represented by Fine Ass Marketing. Kelly Shibari, BBW performer/feminist. Stoya, very educated, Reads Nietzsche and Dostoevsky. Kimberly Kane, master filmmaker. Jessica Drake, speaking tours and the role model for Wicked and their condom policies. The epitome of awesomeness. And we haven’t touched on the men. James Deen, Danny Wylde, Ryan Driller. The super gods of porn.

If you take the people that appeared in Ellen Degeneres’ famous Oscar tweet and put it against these superstars, it mirrors the awesomeness. Mirrors it. Hollywood/Pornowood.

When one of these megastars speak, everybody listens. When they announce a project, everyone wants to be a part of it. You would think that when they merge together, they could do anything they wanted.

What happened is that group got together and formed The Adult Performer Advocacy Committee. Now if you go to www.apac-usa.com you will see a website that hasn’t been updated since December 16, 2013. Three months. The Adult Performer Advocacy Committee, who made one of the greatest videos known to man called Porn 101. It’s an instructional video led by the great and prolific Nina Hartley. This video explains the dos and don’ts of the porn industry and is for the young talent getting into the business. It talks about agents, health issues and so on. It was published everywhere.

As I said, the website hasn’t been updated since December 16th of last year. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you get all of these high caliber talent together. Jessica Drake and Chanel Preston recently put out a press release stating the APAC was an independent organization that was not affiliated or controlled by any outside agencies and would have meetings on the first Sunday of every month. www.adultfyi.com/read.php?ID=60290

The first Sunday of March has passed and I have not heard of any meeting. The first Sunday of February passed and no meeting was reported. So my question is what happened to The Adult Performer Advocacy Committee?

We know that the donate button on the website works. We do know that the address, 7095 Hollywood Boulevard, #414 Hollywood California, 90028 goes to Kimberly Kane. www.adultfyi.com/read.php?ID=60293 Kimberly Kane, who will do domination sessions without nude face sitting or body worship, but will supply another girls for sexual contact if you so desire. Spiegler Girl Kimberly Kane’s dom sessions are advertised using the same address as The Adult Performer Advocacy Committee.

So where is The Adult Performer Advocacy Committee? In Kimberly Kane’s dungeon? Where are the meetings held? I haven’t seen any notification or reports from these meetings. I ask you Jessica Drake, Chanel Preston, Asa Akira. The most powerful women in the adult business. Where would one go to attend these meetings? Hmm?

Remember, when these people speak, everybody listens. Everybody wants to be part of their projects. If having a website that’s not updated and doesn’t work is any indication of how well they’re doing, I don’t think anyone has anything to worry about.

Now I know Rob Black is a loser that nobody listens to. As Just Dave has said, Rob Black is just a “fan.” This fan that no one listens to would sure like to know, if no one listens to him because he’s a loser, is anybody listening to the top talent in the entire adult business?

Jessica Drake’s quote was:

“I love the idea that APAC is for the performers by the performers, and not affiliated with any other organizations. I encourage all performers who want to be involved to reach out to us, come to a meeting, and share your thoughts and concerns to help better the business of which we’re all a part.”

Well, how did that meeting go Sunday? Last I heard from Chanel Preston she was promoting a fundraiser for an internet YouTube show she was doing. Jessica Drake is promoting speaking engagements and fat movies. Nothing from either of them about Adult Performer Advocacy Committee meetings. Jessica Drake vigilantly promotes everything she does. She’ll put out a press release when Brad Armstrong takes a shit. But not a peep about APAC meetings.

Did any performers attend these meetings? Haven’t seen a tweet, haven’t seen anything. Anything? I’m listening.

We’re talking about the most powerful performers in adult. Not Rob Black, because Rob Black is a joke. As Brad Armstrong said a few months ago, Rob Black is a loser and is insignificant. Now I would imagine that everybody listens to Brad Armstrong’s wife, and the other very important people in The Adult Performer Advocacy Committee. So what’s going on? What happened at the meetings? The website hasn’t been updated in three months, so there’s no information there.

You know what I think? I don’t think there were any meetings. My bet is that the little press release they wrote up was all bullshit. My bet is it’s all smoke and mirrors. I guess Kimberly Kane needed some quick cash? Maybe all her work dried up since I hired her cunty ass back in 2011 for Reservoir Doggs. I guess Kimberly Kane and all the Spiegler Girls aren’t working up a storm anymore.

The Adult Performer Advocacy Committee is a sham. It was all a scam for these people to pay their rent. Because they’re not getting work anymore. Because they’re losers. They created this website and they created this straw man organization and what came of it? Nothing. And these are supposed to be the most powerful performers in the entire adult business. I haven’t heard of these performers doing anything but cum in my ass videos once a month if they’re lucky.

I haven’t heard anything. Nada. Zero. James Deen. He was supposed to be the big crossover Hollywood star. Yeah. James Deen couldn’t get arrested in Hollywood if he pissed in Brad Pitt’s face.

Everyone who was in the Porn 101 video are nothing. I defy you to prove me wrong. What are they doing? Nina Hartley couldn’t get a job if her life depended on it. She had to have a fundraiser to get a basketball sized cyst removed from her belly because she wasn’t getting enough work.

I guarantee you that they are all turning tricks. They’re doing privates, but they’ll tell you that they’re not. If it wasn’t for Brad Armstrong, Jessica Drake would be blowing dudes for 150 bucks. Jessica Drake has a per movie deal with Wicked and owes them a bunch of movies. I got this from somebody on the inside at Wicked. She would have to do about 35-40 movies to pay back what she owes Wicked. The only reason she is there is because of Brad Armstrong. If Manwin pulled their funding, Steve Orenstein would have a fire sale and Brad Armstrong and Jessica Drake would be the first to go. Jessica Drake would be doing Facial Abuse scenes.

Take a look at the Porn 101 video and tell me what any of those performers are doing. All you have to do is look at their Twitters and Facebooks. Nobody’s working. Nobody’s doing anything. They’re all doing 400 dollar privates at the Air-Tel Plaza.

The Adult Performer Advocacy Committee is a scam. It’s always been a scam. Their website hasn’t been updated in three months. Any money raised has gone to pay Kimberly Kane’s rent. There haven’t been any meetings and anyone who donated money has been duped.

There’s your Adult Performer Advocacy Committee update.

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