What Kind Of A Low Rent Skivosa Does Ghetto Gaggers?

I was sent a couple of clips that I thought were kinda disturbing.

They were from a site called Ghetto Gaggers. I gotta tell ya, if you’re a black woman, there’s gotta be something wrong with you to let two white guys call you a piece of shit and slap the shit out of you, spit in your face and gag you until you vomit. I’m not talking about something within the context of a film or a satire. I’m talking about a gonzo scene.

I know some people will say that I shouldn’t talk because of Extreme Associates, but if you dissect the thousand or so movies we did during that era, maybe 5% of it was outlandish and that 5% was so fake and contrived. Even the piss scenes we did weren’t that bad. They had more of a Jackass vibe to them. It had almost a comedic element. We never set up anything where the girl didn’t know what was happening. It was all very contrived. The rough stuff was done by our contact girls or Jewel DeNyle and Luciano aka Michael Stefano, who were married at the time. It was all planned out. The edginess that we portrayed was set up to look real, but everything was fake and definitely consensual.

I’ve always been kinda old school in that if you get out of hand with this stuff you’re gonna get hit with a rape charge or an abuse charge. You’re gonna have the cops show up. You had sites like Meatholes, where they didn’t tell the girls what was going on and they surprise them to get a real reaction. I never did shit like that. I would feel uncomfortable in that kind of situation.

I shot a scene one time where a girl had something going on with her pussy and the male talent put her on blast in front of everybody. It created an uneasy feeling on set. There was another scene that we were shooting with the German performer Sascha and Catalina where they started arguing like little kids and almost got into a fight. I never understood why people would purposely create drama and put it on websites like efukd.com. Shooting girls having breakdowns and people having fistfights on set. I never had the camera going and said, “Let’s see if we can get them fighting for real.” Who the fuck wants to do that? We never did stupid shit like that. Ever. Everything we ever did was contrived. All bullshit. That’s what we did.

I look at a site like Ghetto Gaggers and they have a girl sitting there and a guy says, “Tell everybody that you’re a dirty fucker. A low end piece of shit.” What kind of girl sits there and lets these guys do that? It’s horrible. And it’s not like they’re paying these girls thousands of dollars. They’re paying them a couple hundred bucks to suck a dick. That’s it. A couple hundreds bucks to get tortured. What, are you outta your minds? Who would do that?

Same thing with that Porn Star Punishment, the thing that Brazzers/Manwin did, where you had two or three guys beating the shit out of a girl. Beating the shit out of her. I saw an Evil Angel scene where Nacho Vidal was punching a girl in the face. The clip said they were boyfriend and girlfriend. Really? I never heard of that. Luciano never punched Jewel DeNyle in the face. Who the fuck does that?

People who talk about Extreme don’t know what they’re talking about. “Rob Black did all this crazy stuff. Who is he to talk?” Assholes, I gotta thousand movies. Find me one where a girl’s getting punched in the face, motherfuckers. Find me one movie where I’ve got a black girl sitting there and a bunch of white dudes are beating the shit out of her and calling her a dirty fucker and stepping on her face and making her eat vomit. Find me that shit. You’re not gonna, cuz it’s not there.

One of the movies I got busted on and went to jail for, Forced Entry, was a fake rape movie. Nothing like what is out there today. Nothing like that site Psycho Thrillers, where guys are pretending to fuck a dead corpse. Forced Entry was a movie that was based on the Night Stalker Richard Ramirez. It had me as a reporter wearing a bad wig. People would watch it and go what is this? It’s the lamest fakest shit you’ll ever see. It was all hype and bullshit. The way the movie was promoted and reported on Frontline was why it was busted, not the content.

I defy anyone to find anything we did at Extreme that is harder than what Kink.com and Princess Donna shoot or Nacho beating the fuck out of girls for Evil Angel or Porn Star Punishment or Ghetto Gaggers, where they’re beating the shit out of black girls and calling them dirty fucker. I defy you.

People who say, “Rob Black doesn’t have any room to talk.” Fuck you! You don’t have any idea who I am. You weren’t even in the business when I was around. You’re all a bunch of johnny-come-lately douchebags.

Even Porno Dan, doing that fuck party thing where the girls fuck Porno Dan and like four of his skeevy friends. Four of these low rent urchin dudes. The girls have to fuck all of these guys individually. I heard one story where they have a crew member who’s fat and the guy would squat over the girls face and everybody would be telling her to eat his ass, and the girl’s almost crying and the fat guy’s ass sweat is dripping down on them.

You gotta be a real low piece of shit to do something like that. To go and work for Porno Dan and do one of those fuck party things for 500 bucks. That’s what he pays. 500 bucks. What a low rent skivosa you are. And your agent sends you to these gigs.

Any girl who needs an agent to line them up with this crap is a low rent bottom feeder who’s not big enough or good enough to book their own stuff. The girls who don’t have agents are the only really intelligent ones. If you’re a star and a good performer, you don’t need a pimp. You have a phone or you have an assistant to field calls and schedule bookings for you. But there are no more stars, I guess. There’s no more high end talent that’s in demand and needed by the studios anymore.

Sorry girls. The era of being the next Jenna Jameson is over. Porn isn’t like that anymore.

Life sucks then you die. But at least you’ll die being a low rent skeeve.

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