What kind of low life tries to scam dead people? JOHN FORBUSH OF METRO TALENT!

Recently a beloved member of the adult industry died. This wasn’t some douchebag dirt bag, he was a cool guy that everyone who met him, had something positive to say. He also had a great outlook on life – best known for once saying “I’ve shot over 3,000 models and I still don’t hate what I do.”

He was a director, writer, producer, photographer, videographer. Fuck, there wasn’t anything he didn’t do in the adult industry at one time or another.
Then one day the unthinkable happened and he died.

As you can imagine, when anyone dies before their time, he left behind a grieving and traumatized family.

His family doesn’t have a lot of money so the cost to even bury the guy was an issue.

So what does some jack ass do? Decides to scam people out of money in the name of Kenny Brandon.

Who the fucks with a guy who just died? What kind of low life piece of shit do you have to be to try and get people to give you money and pretend like it’s for a dead guy?

John Forbush of Metro Talent did just that. He put up a fake Go Fund Me page, to solicit donations. The problem was, he didn’t even know Kenny Brandon or any of his family.

What kind of piece of shit does something like that? Scamming people is one thing but to do it in the name of a dead guy is just beyond fucked up.
Kenny Brandon was a good man. He nor his family deserve to have something like this happen to them.

In the end the authorizes were contacted and the account was handed over to Kenny Brandon’s brother in-law. But John Forbush almost got away with it.

So next time you think about doing anything with the low life fucker John Forbush or Metro Talent, you just remember that.

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