What Monica Foster’s #fakenews won’t tell you

Monica Foster is having quite the pity party and claiming that everyone is “gangstalking” her but she doesn’t mention the gangstalking her, Anthony Brooks, Kelly Robinson, Barry Nelson and all of her alternate accounts do to others. One such account that she uses to stalk and harass people is @reporterson1 aka Tristan #owned on Twitter.

Monica Foster

Seems that Foster’s articles conveniently leave out any of the harassment she does to others and their families when she writes her long winded suicide notes threatening to off herself because people fought back against her bullying, racism, hate and lies. She’s got delusions of grandeur. Dish it out, be prepared to have people return the favor. Can’t take it back? Don’t pick fights to begin with.

@reporterson1 has just one follower despite having hundreds upon hundreds of tweets and it appears that the account was created for the purpose of harassing a former U.S. military member. If she wants to be fair and balanced, she should admit that she trolls people under dozens of accounts but she won’t do that. She paints herself as a saint and a poor, victimized, innocent single black woman when that isn’t the case at all. She’s an absolutely ruthless, horrible, vile woman that will take out anyone in her way. Her family was doxed? How many people has she doxed, slandered, libeled and harassed?

The bottom line is that Monica Foster is a mean woman that deserves all the shit that she gets thrown at her. She isn’t being sued for half a million dollars for nothing. We suppose the judge in her lost case for $167,000 was also in on it and biased against her? She’s lost in court for a reason and it isn’t because people gang up on her. It’s also not because of racism. She will likely lose again in March which proves her articles are #fakenews that put a heavy spin on why she’s really dealing with all this shit.


  1. She threatened suicide over Twitter and only 2 people (One of them was herself) retweeted the post and no one responded to it. If anyone gave a shit about her she’s have hundreds of responses telling her not to do it.

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