What PR Lamebrain is Advising Diane Duke?

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Granted she’s had her jaw-dropping moments, but the worst thing Diane Duke could have done in her professional life was give that interview to The Daily Beast.

Then I noticed when the LA Times contacted her, Duke refused to talk to them. [Not the first time she’s done that.]

Duke is not in the position to be playing favorites. Especially when it’s the Times, not The Daily Beast, who holds the power of life and death over her with Michael Weinstein on the warpath.

Duke in her interview with Richard Abowitz, Aurora Snow’s current or past boyfriend, I forget which, made it pretty clear that Mr. S [for syphilis], the male performer who supposedly worked in three scenes knowing he was positive, didn’t alter his test.

This directly contradicts agents Shy Love and Derek Hay who told XBiz of their findings to the contrary. In fact it was one of Hay’s girls that Mr. S worked with. I don’t think Hay would be making up stories. And Mr. S was on Love’s talent roster.

So Duke has successfully painted herself in the corner. Because to prove she’s on the level, she’s going to have to make mincemeat out of Hay and Shy Love. And if Duke has fudged the numbers, she’s done. The Duke is done. The best case scenario right now is that she’s the Lame Duke executive director of Free Speech.

I noticed that Duke is going to be on James Bartholet’s show Wednesday night to field questions. While I like James a helluva lot, there’s going to be more softballs than if Eddie Feigner rose from the dead.

Duke, I presume, is also going to be the cowhand to rustle up 1,000 raging porn performers for penicillin shots. Whether they need them or not. And if someone’s allergic, my won’t that be fun?

Clearly what Mr. S did in a lapse of judgment is more reflective of the times than you can imagine. I don’t care what you read elsewhere, porn stars are seriously hurting for work. So for Mr. S to fudge papers to get a paycheck means we’re heading like gangbusters towards desperation.

This guy’s been in the business over 20 years, so you’d think he’d have had enough tucked away to ride out the storm for awhile until his condition cleared up.

If it’s not syphilis or HIV, porn’s going to kill a lot more of the talent.

You’ve probably forgotten him by now, but I’ll remind you of that sweet, gentle soul, Marlon Anderson. Anderson was suffering anxiety, according to reports, because he wasn’t getting as much work in the industry as he used to. That’ll play on anyone’s self confidence or lack of, which Anderson is said to have had plenty. So he took something to ease the pain; then the LAPD did the rest.

A couple of weeks ago performer Natali Demore, in a mutual suicide pact with her video editor Jack Banner, was found dead of self-inflicted shotgun wounds. As details of the story were to reveal, Demore wasn’t getting much work.

Because she’s from the BDSM community I got a better handle on that situation when an article on www.buzzfeed.com confirmed that the adult industry crash was hitting Demore’s community with a vengeance www.adultfyi.com/read.php?ID=55489

The Karate Kid, Stephen Hill, was another waif found on porn’s doorstep; and because he didn’t get work, Hill went nutso with a machete before the LAPD did the rest. Not that this business owes Hill or anyone else a living, but it does attract damaged people for whom porn often times is the last station on the train ride to the cemetery.

Maybe I’m reading this wrong, but something jumped out at me when I was perusing the FSC website for an update on the current production moratorium.

It’s stated: “A negative [syphilis] test does NOT mean the performer is approved to work. It is important to note that this test has a large window period — as much as 90 days — and therefore cannot be relied upon to diagnose an acute (recent) syphilis infection.”

If I’m reading this correctly it says you’d have to lay low for three months before you knew conclusively you had the syph or not?

I can imagine the gates of Hell pouring open, if that’s the case. You wanna see murder in the streets? Come to Canoga Park.

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