What They Said: Is LA County Supervisor Gloria Molina The Only Voice of Reason?

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LA County Supervisor Gloria Molina was the only dissenting voice in placing a measure on the Nov. 6 ballot requiring porn stars to use condoms during the production of adult films in Los Angeles County.

from www.xbiz.com – Supervisor Gloria Molina, the lone vote against the porn-condom ballot initiative, agreed that the liability issues over such a law, if passed, would extend payouts. Molina noted that the county paid out about $136 million last year in legal claims.

“I’m all in favor of the end goal, but what I’m concerned about is the sausage in between,” Molina said.

“What I’m concerned about is that the [ballot measure] is being presented to us as ‘Let’s stop the spread of AIDs’; we all believe that, and I think every voter would sign on to it.

“But when you look at that issue and break it down it is hard for me as a supervisor here who has a duty to place on the ballot because all of the signatures were collected. At the end of the day the liability is huge.

“All of a sudden we would be taking all of the workplace responsibilities of Cal/OSHA. Asking on the county to take care of their responsibilities is inappropriate. Why would our county take on the workplace issue when it is not our responsibility?” Molina asked.

“It is Cal/OSHA’s responsibility, not the county’s.”

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