What Will Monica Foster Look Like In a Few Years?

Monica Foster

Now that Monica Foster approaches the age of 40 and still has nothing better to do than troll the internet with racist shit, stalk and harass adult performers and industry people and when people return the favor, she plays the victim card or calls them into a mediation. This is all fine and good for a middle aged woman but what happens when she’s elderly? What will Monica Foster’s life look like?


There will be nothing sadder than a 60+ year old woman with no savings or investments or property, no husband, no way to make money at that point including selling her ass, what will this sad, lonely woman’s situation look like in the year 2039? Does she even give a shit at this point? Does she think this can go on forever?


Behold the fat, flabby midsection of Monica Foster and ask yourself, if she looks this bad at 37, what will she look like at 60? Now, there is no excuse for a woman to let herself go and it is technically possible for a woman “of a certain age” to still have it, but Foster, like most women in this country are so uptight, miserable, entitled and just plain nasty and all of this takes a toll on their appearance. There are exceptions of course and for these lucky few women, they can still land a wealthy man after age 50. But Foster is not one of these.


Foster’s been talking suicide for the past 10 years at least and we believe that it may be finally time to pull the trigger. We just think she wants to wreak as much havoc on the way out as possible, possibly cause some suicides, bankruptcies, lives and quality of lives to be wrecked, families ruined, and so on and so forth. And then she will finally end it all and go straight to hell where she belongs. It’s OK, Alex, you can go now. Let go and be with god,


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